3 Torrent Sites That You Can Use to Download Anything

Nowadays, not everything is for free, and you need to spend money to enjoy or get what you want to like movies, games, TV series, and other digital products.

It’s not practical to shell out cash if you want something, and there might be alternatives for everything. But with today’s technology, you can have almost everything for free from the internet and enjoy them without having to spend cash.

Many websites can offer their users an extensive collection of torrent downloads of anything that they want. In this guide, we will help you get started and decide the best torrent website that you might want to use. So here’s a list of torrent sites that you can use to download anything.


Before the fame, this torrent site started from nothing until it reached the top. RARBG was introduced in the year 2008 and launched in Bulgaria, and it’s the torrent tracker.

Because of getting famous and gaining many followers overtime, rarbg became one of the top torrent sites that people use to download their needs. It’s the people’s source of a good quality torrent, and it specializes in high-quality video downloads.

Because of the passionate uploaders and users, RARBG’s contents are always updated to ensure that users get the latest files.

According to TorrentFreak’s annual top list, this site always ranks in the top 5, and this year, it ranks 4th as the best torrent sites in the world.

Unfortunately, with great success and patronage, everything always has a price. Government and their watchdogs from different places notice the site, and it’s a bad thing.

2. EZTV Torrent

The interface of this torrent site might look very old, but when it comes to downloading the torrents that you want, it can deliver excellent output.

Its specialty is movies and TV series torrents. Aside from the torrent, EZTV torrent can provide an updated list of latest TV shows and entertainment uploads.

Another advantage when you use this platform is the torrents that you will download are verified and without fake ones. Users can also use their 24/7 customer service if they have issues.

EZTV’s community is quite large and gaining more followers because it collects blockbuster TV shows, and movies and content are always updated.

3. SeedPeer

If you can’t use RARBG, then SeedPeer is a recommended alternative for everyone, and it’s an improved version of Meganova torrent, a defunct website.

The interface of this website is very distinct and attractive, and it features the contents into categories. If you need to download verified and genuine software, TV series, movies, and other essential torrents, then SeedPeer is the place where you should look for them.

In simple words, this platform offers a vast collection of okay quality torrents.

Another thing, SeedPeer has a large developers community and very active customer service, and its content is updated from time to time.

4. Takeaway

When you get something for free, it’s a good feeling. Not only the sites mentioned in this article provide free things, but those content are of high quality. You don’t need to spend money to get what you want; you only need to access these torrent sites.

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