5 Best Airpod Alternatives in 2020

Apple’s monopoly over the Airpod sector is fast diminishing, as cheaper and trendier Airpod alternatives have hit the market this year. From sleek yet inexpensive “black pods” to earbuds in fashionable colors, the market has opened up like never before. With this, listed below are five airport alternatives to consider in 2020.

1. JLab Epic Airsport True Earbuds

This is the closest Airport alternative and hence comes with similar pricing. While it lacks the mighty brand power of Apple, it more than makes up for it with rich features.


  • Whopping battery life, with 10 hours playback per charge. The additional charging case can extend this to 60 hours (that’s almost a week!). These are hence the perfect wireless travel companion for week-long trips.
  • High-quality sound with three customizable equalizer settings, including the ultra-popular bass boost.
  • Includes noise cancellation feature, which can be turned on or off as required. (“Be Aware” feature for safe usage outdoors.)
  • Includes waterproof features (from rain and sweat).


  • A higher price (comparable with Airpods).
  • Usage or right earbud is a must, as this is paired with a phone. Left earbud usage is optional.

2. Jaybird Vista True Earbuds

This is another product comparable to Apple’s Airpods. Sleek, smart, and superior quality sound, these are the ultimate choice for fitness aficionados.


  • Earbuds are waterproof, offering high-quality products with clear sound even in higher volumes.
  • Ear-canal fit can completely turn off noise from the outside. Ideal when you are indoors or running in an enclosed park.
  • On top of this, you can wear one bud at a time for safety reasons, and still enjoy superior quality playback.
  • Six hours playback per charge. Carrying cases can provide an additional 10 hours of continuous playback on the go.
  • Includes “find my buds” feature to track earbuds.
  • Ideal sport fit, and thus fittingly awarded by “Runner’s World Editor’s Choice” in 2019.


  • Higher price, ($179 on Amazon).

3. Samsung Galaxy Buds

For the past decade, Samsung has consistently provided stiff competition to Apple’s iPhone and other smartphone accessories. The Samsung Galaxy Buds are no different and came with the brand’s trademark stamp of sleek design, rich features, and high-quality sound.


  • Premier brand with superior quality sounds to provide high definition bass and treble even at higher volumes.
  • Six hours playback time per charge, with ten additional hours from the charging case.
  • Comparable to Airpods, but priced 30-40 dollars lower than Apple’s product.
  • Fantastic “find my earbuds” feature, to help you find your missing galaxy buds from your paired phone. With this, the buds will produce an audible beep for up to 3 minutes.


  • Complete compatibility of all features only with Android systems.
  • Not marked waterproof, which is typically expected for its price ($110 $117).
  • Lack of a noise-canceling feature. However, the earbuds are crafted to form a snug fit so that you can hear outdoors.

4. Northside Solution Earbuds True 5.0 Bluetooth

While the name is a mouthful, these earbuds are the right quality product that attempts to emulate Apple’s noise-canceling feature.


  • At $40, this is possibly the cheapest Airpod alternative to hit the market this year.
  • It comes with in-built noise-canceling technology, so you can enjoy your music undisturbed even when you are outdoors.
  • Makers claim a whopping battery life of 10 hours per charge. The carry on the case can double this charge in less than a couple of hours. Those are mighty claims that fit nicely into a budget-friendly pocket!
  • These are also marked waterproof, so there’s no stopping your music in the rain.


  • While the bass and quality of music are suitable for low and medium volumes, the treble tends to grate at higher amounts.

5. Black pods 2 earbuds

Blackpods2 earbuds are some sleek looking Blackpods. They look mighty similar to Apple Airpods, except that they (matte) black. While they are typically priced at %160, they are available this year at a throwaway price of $60! Compatible with both Android and iPhone, they cater to a significant part of the smartphone market. Additional highlights are listed below.


  • Usage of H1 chip, also used in Apple’s Airpods. This ensures that the sound quality is top-notch, including non-jarring treble.
  • The default pack includes earbuds, wireless charging cases, and additional charging cable.
  • It offers 4 hours of playback per charge. This is on the lower end. However, the enclosed wireless case can also help you charge on the go, extending battery time up to 24 hours.
  • Fantastic price this year, under $60!


  • Lack of the thumping bass of Apple’s Airpods.
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