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Alluc is an online video directory that was user-generated to watch movies, tv shows, music videos, anime, sports, and cartoons. The website URL was alluc.ru which is not working currently.

Until 2017 and the first quarter of 2018, Alluc was the website for the free transmission of television programs, movies, stand-up comedy, and much more. They had built a fairly impressive track and then announced abruptly that in March 2018 they would close their site. Many of his spectators were devastated.

There had been some functioning sites that did the same thing as Alluc, but not many, and none of them provided the extensive library to which Alluc had access. Throughout 2018, the industry has grown and several sites have expanded their selections, genres, and transmission quality to attract all the faithful viewers Alluc had. However, of the dozens of services available, which one is the best?

It is difficult to say definitively what is the best service because many of them offer different genres and have varied characteristics that separate them from each other. These are not in any particular order, but alluc has been selected for what makes them unique in the market.

1. Putlocker.io

Putlocker is underway for a long time, although it was inactive for a few months and in the meantime, there were some fake clones present. The website has a wide collection of films of different genres. In addition, it allows you to stream TV shows along with movies.

In addition, Putlocker is a feature-rich website that makes it easy to see, explore and find some good options if they are running out. It has options for all users, regardless of the country to which they belong.

Putlocker Features Free is available to watch all movies and TV shows online in HD resolution on your PC, Smartphone, or TV.

2. TubiTV

By providing free access to one of the largest libraries available today, Tubi Film is slowing its growth and is considered the best replacement service for Alluc. Among its unique offers is a collection of genres that are harder to find. Any service will load and allow you to find the latest James Bond or Marvel movie, but those are not appropriate for your toddler while you are trying to clean the kitchen.

Tubi Film offers access to movies and television programs for preschoolers. Other unique genres include Indian films and stand-up comedy routines.

Another advantage of Tubi Film is the professional and aerodynamic aspect of its website. While this may seem like a minor detail, it makes all your services simpler and easier to use. You have the option to register your account (it is not necessary to watch movies) on your website and receive additional benefits that a typical user would not have.

3. Movie4K

Perhaps the site that has been dedicated to being the closest to Alluc, Movie4K is becoming the ideal substitute for most users. In addition to the title and genre, Movie4K also reveals the rating, IMDB profile, release date, and cast of each movie in its library. Sometimes you just need that little extra guarantee that you are watching the 2001 launch of Planet of the Apes instead of the 1968 edition (or vice versa).

Each video also allows comments below. If you are undecided about whether or not a movie is familiar or something you’d like to enjoy: read the comments Maybe other users are answering your questions and you can save yourself the time of watching half of a movie just to turn it off when you realize that your six-year-old is seeing much more than you expected.

4. PopCornFlix

Popcornflix offers the smallest library selection of the services we have reviewed, but they have the benefit of all being obtained from the on-screen multimedia library. They offer a wide selection of times and genres of films and, like 1Channel, focus on the safety of their source material to ensure that their devices are not at the receiving end of an unpleasant infection.

Perhaps one of the most unique things that Popcornflix brings to the streaming table is some of its high-quality documentaries. While most services focus solely on fiction films designed to take us to another world, Popcornflix is ​​making a dedicated effort to help us better understand the world we live in. This is something that no one else can boast and a single feature makes Popcornflix easily in the top five.

5. 1Channel

1Channel is one of Alluc’s most popular alternatives and has become one due to its wide selection of available genres. Generally considered one of the safest alternatives (in terms of the content being free of viruses and malware), 1Channel allows viewers to watch their favorite movies and shows with the peace of mind that the only Trojan Horse is Trojan and not that of your television.

It is true that the user interface is not the most fluid. Without a dedicated genre-based library, users’ options for scanning movies quickly are “Just Added” and “Featured Movies,” which leaves you with the search bar for most of your movie search.

6. Moviewatcher

The sixth alternative on the list is Moviewatcher. A good website tells itself “its online cinema.” Quite popular and has also been there for a long time, Moviewatcher is a good website for the online transmission of popular TV shows, movies, etc.

Although you can view them online, it does not offer any download options, as it collects your database and allows you to stream from external sources on your website.

7. XMovies8

It is also a good website for online movie streaming. Although you have to use the proxy if your ISP does not allow you to visit the website.

However, it is not a rich feature that Putlockerbut is a decent website for streaming movies and TV series. Features of Xmovies8 Free are available to watch all movies and TV shows online in HD resolution on your desktop.

8. Fmovies.cc

Fmovies is one of the best alternatives for Alluc, it also beats Rainierland with fast streaming and a wider collection. It allows you to stream online television series, movies also your requested material by which you continually take care of your viewers.

It is a feature-rich alternative and one of the best online streaming sources available for a long period. FMovies Features Free to see all movies and TV shows online in HD resolution.

9. HubMovie.cc

Despite having a large database, HubMovie.cc is the best alternative for alluc we can rely on for the online transmission of popular shows and movies. Hosted on a fast server, it allows you to stream and watch your programs without problems. It is also an old website that is quite stable for a long time and that provides good content for its viewers.

HubMovie Features Free to watch all movies and TV shows online in HD.

10. Moviestreamer

MovieStreamer is a new trending alternative to Alluc. There are not a lot of places you can find, that have new movies. Luckily, we have all of the new movies online and they are streamed in HD.

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