Anilinkz And Its Top 20 Best Alternatives to Watch Anime Free Online

anilinkz the best choice to pick for Anime video series those who want to watch Animes online for free with unlimited, by using these anilinkz down, but anime lovers can also enjoy simply watching anime videos.

Animation (Anime or Cartoon) series or Videos or programs are always a part of everyone from childhood to Teenage. The creativity, illustrations, cinematography, movement and composition, motion-picture Graphics, these type of effects are some of the essential topics in the Animation Movie series, for not only teenagers, but every age group will also love to watch Anime videos.

1. What is Anime (animation)?

The Anime Word Comming from Japan, the word Anime is the Japanese Term for Animation, Anime means all Animation Media types, the Anime word specifies uniquely for Animation in japan or some other countries.

The name Anime is a Japanese style of motion-picture animation cartoon. Some of the most popular Anime Tv programs are Samurai Champloo release(2005-2006), kill la kill release in 2013-2014, RWBY(since 2013), Dragan Ball Super release (2015-2018), Shirobako release in(2014-2015), Yuri on ice release in(2016), Hell Girl release in(2005-2017). Above are some examples of Anime TV Program series like anilinkz down for free online.

List of Top Best Anime Series of All Time

  • Attack on Titan -Shingeki no Kyojin
  • Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood
  • Death Note, Naruto Shippūden
  • Naruto
  • Dragon Ball Z
  • Fairy Tail
  • Sword Art Online
  • One Piece
  • Bleach

If you are an Anime (Animation or Cartoon) lover, below are the most popular. The best Anime websites to watch Anime Movies online in 2019, Watch anime series, movies, and programs online, you have to visit the most popular list mentioned below, by the help of the below list you can easily find out your favorite Anime Series.

2. Anilinkz io And Its Alternatives

Best Anime websites List to Watch HD Animes For Free Streaming Online

  • https://4anime.to/
  • https://kissanime.ru/
  • http://kissanimefree.net/
  • http://kissanime.to/
  • https://kissanime.ru.com/
  • https://www.animefreak.tv/
  • https://www9.gogoanime.io/
  • https://animestreams.tv/
  • http://ww1.babyanime.com/
  • https://9anime.vip
  • https://www7.9anime.vip/
  • http://www1.chia-anime.com/
  • https://animeheaven.ru/
  • https://animeheaven.ru/animeheaven.eu
  • https://www15.animeultima.eu/
  • https://www.animeland.us/
  • https://www.hulu.com
  • https://terrariumtv.co/
  • https://www.animelab.com/
  • https://www.anime-planet.com/
  • AnimeSeason.com
  • https://horriblesubs.info/
  • http://www.animeseason.com/
  • https://www.crunchyroll.com/

Anilinkz – Below are the top 20 best Anilinkz io alternatives to watch free HD animes online

3. Masterani (https://4anime.to/) – Anilinkz

Masterani is a Master’s website for Anime series lovers to watch and stream online whenever you want. Masterani is the dominant and most famous and superior Anime website than other anilinkz website or anilinks websites.

Masterani is the well-known anilinkz website to watch and stream English dubbed Anime video series online. It has more than 3000+ entire and latest Anime series in High Definition(HD) Quality best anime streaming sites that you can Access Anytime Anywhere in the world.

The Masterani website has rich User Interface (UI) than other best Anime websites. With this User Interface(UI) help, users can easily use, access, and search favorite anime, and you can also pick from the drop-down list.

This Anime website contains the number of Anime series and lots of genres like Sci-Fi, Adventure, Action, Vampire and Dram, etc.

4. KissAnime (https://kissanime.ru/) – Anilinkz

http://kissanimefree.net/, http://kissanime.to/, https://kissanime.ru.com/

KissAnime.ru site regarded as the king of other best anime websites with several users around the world. Who can use it to enjoy unlimited best anime streaming sites you can go with kissAnime. kissAnime website best alternatives like anilinkz website.

It has a vast collection of best anime websites series compared to the other anime websites and also regularly uploads Latest anime websites series between low-resolution 240p to High Definition (HD) 1080p in any quality video equal to YouTube.

The User interface (UI) of The kissAnime looks simple and easy to understand, and this site User interface (UI) Attracts a considerable number of anime websites lovers worldwide. The kissAnime website provides multiple genres, just like other best anime websites like Romance, Drama, Horror, Sc-Fi, Comedy, Fighting, War and adventure, etc.

KissAnime Website Provide different types of Options and features, and Users can easily search their Favorite anime websites Series like exploring genres and easy to use search options, etc. Watch the best anime websites online for free on KissAnime Website.

5. AnimeFreak (https://www.animefreak.tv/)

AnimeFreak is One of the best mobile-friendly user interfaces (UI) of all the best anime websites, this also one of the most popular anime websites like masterani and KissAnime. It is the best alternatives like anilinkz websites.

This website contains subbed and dubbed animes websites online. All series are free of cost. The site provides the number of anime web sites Video series Collection.

You can effortlessly search and find out favorite anime websites and watch anime videos With free registration and Access unlimited best anime streaming sites, videos free.

If you want the information About the best anime websites, you can quickly get, and you can also comment in the comment box and review the previous comments. With the help of these comments, you can find out which anime websites are popular most watch. It is good or not; these anime websites contain ads on the sidebars; there is no problem with these ads.

AnimeFreak anime website also one of the fastest Video best anime streaming sites, if the uses have the minimum speed of the internet you can easily access and stream videos without buffering with auto (low-resolution) mode, this anime website uploads latest anime websites series frequently and the user experience like images and design looks good and easy to use for any.

This is one of the best anime websites for anime fans and anime lovers if you register an individual of the site you can manage your history animes and get upcoming animes notification Notification Dashboard and also save your Favourite animes in a separate list and even chart with near people who are connected with us and share and comment their experience too.

The design will be in Alphabetical Order with anime title names. With the help of this, you can easily find and pick the favorite animes. After watching, you can also rate the episodes that are excellent or lousy mention with comments. It is Anilinkz. For Free Online alternative website.

The menu classification on the AnimeFreak website is so cool, like showing categories such as the latest anime, Popular animes, different genres like Action, Adventure, Drama, love, and Emotional and SC-Fi, etc.

AnimeFreak is one of the best anime websites alternatives to KissAnime. It provides all identical features and services, which is better than other anime websites, such as a User-friendly interface with stunning design. And the number of users can access anytime anyplace in the world.

The most important and useful and enjoyable thing from this website is that it introduces a new Manga Key name in the menu. This feature is for those who want to watch manga series videos with unlimited best anime streaming sites.

a) Main Features:-

The AnimeFreak site has a vast collection in his Database with high-quality videos, different categories, genres, an advanced search box for finding, daily updates, and more. This is the best site for all the best anime websites Users.

One of the most exciting and enjoyable things about this platform is that it introduces the Manga title for those who want to read manga series without any limitation. It is entirely free to use the site and offers a user-friendly interface.

AnimeFreak also offers core features such as an advanced search bar, multiple categories, massive collection of best anime websites and manga series, regular updates, etc. All in all, it is an excellent platform for all anime websites lovers.

AnimeFreak website is a best anime streaming sites, that contains a Fast streaming media video player for fast loading videos than other platforms and also available for various age groups.

6. Gogoanime (https://www9.gogoanime.io/)

GogoAnime is of the most popular anime websites. This site contains a vast collection of best anime websites video Series. The collection list will be never-Ending for oldest Series to newest Series. If you visit the home page of GogoAnime, you can find out the dubbed new and latest anime Series releases. You can also look at the Navigation menu bar, you can get anything you want and even one search bar, with the help of this search bar you can find what kind of anime you want with the help of search box.

GoGoAnime arranged the anime websites list in the menu by Alphabetical Order. With the help of this user can quickly get the favorite anime, and you can find out the favorite animes with rating and comments, and you can also give feedback in the comment section.

You can also find out the latest anime websites list form the Right side and get some newest anime series or recently Added set from the downside. Users can also choose and watch anime series in Different categories and genres like Action, Drama, Adventure, Cars, Comedy, Romance, Thriller, fantasy, kids, horror, police, mystery, romance, school, comedy, adventure, music, game and more.

Ads Always displayed on the Screen Interface. There is a no problem at all if you are the Huge anime websites fan or best anime websites lover GoGoAnime is the right choice to watch Latest anime movies online Some times they face copyright issues, they change the old domain to the new domain, lots of people have doubts in their mind whether the website is legal or not, the Straight Answer is NO.

Overall there is no problem, and you don’t face any legal issues form this, because it is not a natural choice to connect with the number of people who visit this GoGoAnime site, Some time the GoGoAnime website goes offline. Servers are down, and users can’t access this website due to server problems.

Millions of people visit this site some time the site will be crash due to visiters. You can go with the Alternative of gogo anime at that time.

GoGoAnime provides high Definition Videos for Streaming. If you want to watch animes first, you have to register and verify your email address and other required information.

After completing the verification process, you can access quickly and also like comment and share your favorite anime websites series on social media channels.

GogoAnime is the best site for both Quality Videos stuff and safety, and this site contains a Mobile app in iPhone and Android, you can quickly find favorite anime by using apps. GogoAnime is better alternatives like Anilinkz io or Anilinks website online.


  • It is an excellent website number of Japanese anime collection in the list.
  • You can also watch English Dubbed animes in the GoGoAnime website.
  • This site can also have Mangas and Comics related anime movie series.
  • Video streaming of this site is fast because of this reason the site becomes suitable for watching animes online.

7. Animestreams (https://animestreams.tv/)

Animestreams is a particular best anime streaming sites especially designed and made for anime Lovers. Animestreams is a free best anime website, anime streams are the best site, and Ads-free And ads will not face any problem to the users. The websites provide a larget best anime website collection in his Database. You can get the latest animes in the navigation menu.

This website contains various categories and genres with multiple options and regular updates.

Animestreams website user interface (UI) is also excellent and flexible and easy to use for new and old Users, and In the navigation All option including A-Z list collection also included, English Dubbed anime series collection Also Available in this site, this site has unique features and better than other anime websites. It is one of the best anime websites like anilinkz io alternatives.

8. BabyAnime (http://ww1.babyanime.com/)

BabyAnime is one of the excellent anime websites in the online it provides the best anime streaming sites from low quality to High Definition Resolution, BabyAnime site is one of the fastest video streaming best anime websites as compared to others even in HD resolution the Video Plays Smoothly, for users understand the purpose this site provides English dubbed animes Along with subtitles. It is one of the alternatives like anilinkz websites.

This site is one of the best Alternative of KissAnime.ru and offers the same services of KissAnime, the baby name has a vast collection of anime videos, and users can watch the latest.

Classica anime movie series free of cost without Any limitation, the main Advantage of babyAnime is registration is not required. You can view your favorite movie series without registration and enjoy the whole series collection with fast streaming.

In this anime websites, there is the number of option, categories, and genres along with search bar for finding your favorite Stufflike favorite anime videos quickly, this site provides All types like other best anime websites like Action, Adventure, Drama, Fantasy, Comedy, etc., this site is the best option for anime Lovers.

9. 9anime (https://9anime.vip)

9anime is another most anime Website to Watch anime Videos Online. The current working URL of this anime is https://www7.9anime.vip/, it may be changing in future based on its copyright issues, it is one of the alternatives of Masterani, kiss anime and GogoAnime like Masterani 9anime website also provides excellent features like easy of search favorite Animes, different categories and types and A-z List of collection, and vast data collection and rich set of user interface superb design and navigation menu. Natural search is a significant advantage of 9Anime.

One of this site’s critical features is you can view Most watched anime list, and You can get an English Dubbed anime list without a single pay Dollar (100% free).

Without any registration, you can watch anime videos Unlimited online with the fastest streaming. The 9anime website is one of the alternatives like anilinkz websites.

9anime contains English dubbed TV Series and Anmies with low to high resolution(HD with fast video streaming, this site is the most extended and best anime streaming sites for fast Video Streaming anime TV series Platform.

Tt contains millions of anime series with latest and regularly update new anime videos online if you open this site first and top you can see the navigation menu which includes Home button, Genres, Movies, TV-series, Ongoing and completed.

A-Z list and Schedule Menu option provided and the middle of the user-interface you can see the one big Search Box With the help of this you can Find and search Your favorite anime names and Titles list and your videos you want.

9 Anime site provides different categories and genres like including comedy, fantasy, kids, samurai, sports, vampire, Yuri, and police, etc.

10. Chia-Anime (http://www1.chia-anime.com/)

Chia-Anime is related to anime freak it is one of the alternates of AnimeFreak, it contains a vast collection of anime videos anime lovers can enjoy this extensive collection, users can get free of cost to stream the videos from low to high unlimited.

Chia-Anime website mostly anime videos are in the Japanese Language, but no problem at for the users, all videos are dubbed in English. There is an option for English dubbed anime videos along with subtitles. Anime lovers can enjoy unlimited streaming with free of cost.

The site provides regular updates for the latest and new Anime video series. The collection size will be huge. You can get Number of Anime Videos in that collections, different types categories and multiple genres like Drama, action, Adventure, Comedy, Romance, Aliens, Ninja, Fantasy and Horror, etc. every kind also include different options with regular updates along with new stuff.

The menu provides A-z collection with the help of this you can get your favorite Animes in a natural way every Anime site have ads, but this site ads not Annoying to much as other.

Chia-Anime site is one of the most famous Japanese best Anime websites with English dubbed. This is the only anime service it offers ll latest and hit Programs and videos unlimited free of cost, including Naruto Shippuden, Naruto, and more other, etc.

a) Advantages:-

The main Advantage of this website is it provides both English and Japanese Languages

  • Mobile friendly User Interface (UI)
  • Fastest Streaming
  • high definition Videos and huge database collection
  • full videos (cutter free)
  • one of the alternate of kissAnime & anilinkz.
  • it is suitable for every age group

11. Animeheaven (https://animeheaven.ru/)

Animeheaven is one of the best entertainment anime websites and has vast experience to watch anime videos. It is free and unlimited the best anime streaming sites with high-quality videos.

It allows users to Steaming And download their favorite anime series easily. This site contains a vast collection of anime videos with fast streaming with high resolution.

This anime website provides Full Detail description for each anime, Release date Year and series number and Character and its names, this website offers regular updates you can watch in the menu bar option name called latest, it can also have comment features like and dislike emojis for rating and commenting, it allows user to discuss with other users and view their profile and details and users favorite list.

Animeheaven provides multiple genres and categories and different features, just like others. Including Drama, Adventure, Romantic, Action, Horror, Sci-fi, supernatural powers, etc. This anime site provides a search box to find favorite anime with Simple and easy Animeheaven website also provides Dubbed animes.

The option is showing on the top of the navigation menu. The navigation menu8 has many opportunities to choose like series, movies, ongoing, accessible, schedule and random, etc. watch anime videos on the old website, and you can go with this URL (https://animeheaven.ru/animeheaven.eu).

12. Anime Ultima (https://www15.animeultima.eu/)

Anime Ultima Uploads high-quality anime videos, and site maintenance is good. The user interface(UI) simple and easy to use. If you want to watch anime movies, you can click on the anime thumbnail. Then you can watch the whole video free of cost with free registration. Anime Ultima website developer updates the latest videos regularly.

If you don’t have any idea about animes, this site’s navigation menu has the menu option called Popular. This option helps you get the best and popular animes quickly.

All anime videos are free, and it is one of the popular best anime streaming best anime websites to watch anime videos, the site provides a big collection of anime websites users can easily engage with site easy to use, and free download options are available. Site developer provides an Advanced search bar for finding the best anime by typing the anime name or title name.

the site offers a short description for each video is shown in below of the video thumbnail, the explanation about video series along with the date and characters list and its names, all title names are in the English language, the site provide English dubbed animes with English subtitles

a) Advantages:-

  • Unlimited streaming
  • Free registration
  • Regular updates
  • Rich User interface (UI)
  • big collection of anime video series

13. AnimeLand (https://www.animeland.us/)

Animeland offers the best English dubbed animes and most popular anime website that offers legal anime video content with unlimited best anime streaming sites with rich User interface(UI).

The website doesn’t require registration with free of cost; most of the videos dubbed versions with English subtitles. The navigation of this site options contains a dubbed anime list, anime Series and movies and genres, etc., you can choose categories easily, and layout design is simple.

Animeland website has unique features like multiple ways to find your favorite video series. It contains A-z list category options and search box, search anime name or title, you can get related anime videos, and you can enjoy unlimited best anime streaming sites without Any problem of ads.

14. Netflix (https://netflix.com)

Netflix is one of the most famous American Media services providers, and production company the location is in California, the online video series site Netflix is founded in 1979 by Reed Hastings.

The main business of the NetFlix services are subscription-based streaming, this one of the popular online best anime streaming sites, vast collection of movies, TV Series and anime videos series with multiple languages, like English, etc. worldwide millions of subscribers are there to watch movies online but this not free you need to register and pay for premium features, this site offers 30 days free trial. Available countries are Worldwide, except Mainland China, Iran, Syria, North Korea, and Crimea.

15. Hulu (https://www.hulu.com) – Anilinkz

Hulu is a US-based, most popular on-demand online video streaming Platform, Hulu Majority owned by The Walt Disney Company. Hulu website is one of the best alternatives, like anilinkz.

The Hulu service initially settled as a joint deal between NBC Universal and News Corporation. Both are equal partners, and later, The Walt Disney Company-owned majority service nad the Hulu video streaming platform crossed 28 million subscribers.

The Walt Disney Company-owned 21st Century Fox in March 2019, the organization majority investment more than 60% in Hulu.

Hulu’s current CEO is Randy Freer. The Hulu platform provides products like video on demand, Television on-demand, and best anime streaming sites, media, Services like Television production, Web syndication, and Digital distribution.

The current Global Alexa rank is 231 and Revenue 1 billion dollars as per 2013 records, Officially launched on October 29, 2007, by Hulu Syndication Network and Hulu.com destination sit.

16. Terrarium TV (https://terrariumtv.co/)

Terrarium TV is Mobile software Application for Android and other devices, basically used for online best anime streaming sites in High Definition. The great of this site is you can watch All videos Free of cost with HD quality. Terrarium TV has provided the top level of HD quality Videos online.

Terrarium TV Site never compromises with his quality Every category and genres and All other video collection will be Available at High Definition video resolution.

You download and install the app in mobile and enjoy unlimited HD quality best anime streaming sites free available online, The best features of this app is to save favorite videos and watch offline and easily download favorite videos.

17. AnimeLab (https://www.animelab.com/) – Anilinkz

If you are an anime lover and watch free and legal anime website AnimeLab is best one this category, AnimeLab has vast anime video collection in their Database, is of one the best alternate of kiss anime, lots of anime video collection and you can choose watch and enjoy your favorite animes. You can also download free videos online.

animeLab website is available worldwide if it is not working on using VPN to Access anyplace, any time and anywhere. animeLab site the popular site for anime lovers to watch videos online, Free anime, fast-tracked from Japan language, and all other hits! And Thousands of episodes are streaming for free of cost.

AnimeLab site doesn’t require registration. It’s free and unlimited online streaming if you want the latest anime video series you need to subscribe with email get update notification through email. The site has lots of popular Series like one Piece, My Hero Academia, One Punch Man S1 & S2, ONE, Yusuke Murata/SHUEISHA, Hero Association HQ, Dragon Ball Super, Sword Art Online -Alicization, Attack on Titan Season 3, with multiple languages.

a) Advantages:-

  • vast database collection
  • rich interface
  • dubbed anime in various styles
  • unlimited and fastest anime video streaming.

18. Anime-Planet (https://www.anime-planet.com/)

Anime-Planet is most popular and widely used by anime lovers for the best anime streaming sites. The site contains rich mobile-friendly user interface (UI), it offers the latest Series, daily updates with new content with high-resolution videos.

Anime-Planet is one of most trusted and recommends collection videos in the Database, and this is convenient to the users to watch online videos easily, the site was officially launched in 2001 and the first anime and manga video collection in the Database, and also enjoy latest classic anime and manga collections with daily updates.

If you enjoy the newest anime video collection, you need to register and your email address and other required information, anime-Planet offers both premium and non-premium services. The site offers a low price for the premium version.

19. AnimeSeason (AnimeSeason.com) – Anilinkz

AnimeSeason offers quality and simple user interface along with quality content, with a massive collection of anime video database, with a full list of video series and regular updates that make this site most popular. Most of the Anime video collection stubbed in high-quality best anime streaming sites in HD.

Note:- if the leading site is not working even in VPN, you can also go with alternate URL https://horriblesubs.info/

Compare to other best Anime websites, AnimeSeason is registration free. There is no required registration, and no need for email confirmation confirmed. With the help of these features, users can enjoy video streaming easily and unlimited.

AnimeSeason subscribers crossed millions of users, and you can access AnimeSeason site anywhere any time and anyplace without any problem. If you are any problem with this, you can use a VPN to solve this problem.

In the AnimeSeason site, you can view the most popular video series like World Trigger, Strike the Blood II, Hunter X Hunter and Alice to Zouroku, etc. AnimeSeason is also the best alternatives, like anilinkz. Here we can watch free HD animes, anime films, anime series, cartoon films & videos online for free of cost for movie lovers.

20. WatchAnimeMovie (http://www.animeseason.com/)

WatchAnimeMovie site is new for online anime best anime streaming sites. It offers the best user interface different types of menu options, popular, latest stubbed, and dubbed classic anime and A-z collection.

WatchAnimeMovie provides the fastest video streaming with high quality; the user interface looks rich,88888, and attracts several audiences worldwide.

All anime video series exist of multiple categories like Drama, love, romance, adventure, horror, action, comedy, and more. In this site, each genre exists of various options, with regular video updates with new content with high quality.

WatchAnimeMovie provides two facilities to users to find their favorite movie series using the search bar and A-z option the navigation menu.

a) Advantages:-

  • Rich, user-friendly Interface (HD)
  • Fastest Video Streaming
  • High Definition videos
  • clear Description and place comments in the comment section

21. TheWatchCartoonOnline (https://www.thewatchcartoononline.tv/)

TheWatchCartoonOnline.tv the website provides Dubbed anime, cartoons, Dubbed animes and other movie series, not only Different stubbed And Dubbed animes this site Offers Americal English Cartoons Different Other Genres such as family guy, south park, Adventure time, Drama and romance, etc. the video quality between 480p to 720p. This is one of the alternatives, like the anilinkz website.

22. Crunchy Roll (https://www.crunchyroll.com/) – Anilinkz

Crunchy roll is one of the famous Free Online best anime streaming sites with Video Quality from 480P to 1080p High definition you can view their anime names and titles on their Thumbnails the user interface of this site is excellent.

The downside of the Crunchy roll site contains anime videos Series, the site offers both premium and premium version, Non-premium versions have limited video streaming, premium versions have Unlimited streaming with HD quality, the site also provides latest anime series with regular updates and manga new Eseries and Korean drama video, etc.

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