5 Biggest B2G Companies On Earth. The Story Of Success

Running a B2G company is not easy, but it may well be even more difficult than running any other type of company. Of course, we should bear in mind that no success comes easy, but some success stories can shed light on how it can be achieved. Here are the five biggest B2G companies and their success stories.


Mark43 was founded way back in 2012 by three Harvard graduates. The company designs and develops the next generation of law enforcement software while focusing on streamlining information management and analysis. They aim to help local, state, and federal law enforcement agents with everything from sharing information to dismantling criminal organizations.

One of the most notable practices Mark43 utilizes is accompanying officers in the field as they patrol, serve warrants, and make arrests. This helps create the best possible software and satisfies all the needs of the agents. It all started with the CEO and co-founder of Mark43, Scott Crouch, being assigned a class project for which he had to work with the Massachusetts state police department.

Crouch calls their endeavor a “mission-driven project.” Indeed, being passionate about your business is one of the critical elements of success. If you are dedicated to your job and are genuinely interested in what you are doing, you will be more likely to come up with exciting ideas and keep working when everything seems lost.

Another curious case was the fact that Crouch and his co-founders, Florian Mayr and Matthew Polega, were fortunate to work with D.C. Metropolitan Police Department, whose chief was a very bold woman and was willing to aid the newly born company. It was this cooperation that genuinely helped the three enthusiasts to create some of the best software for officers.


OpenGov, also founded in 2012, is a cloud software company that develops government performance management programs for better budgeting, comprehensive open data, and improved operational intelligence. Their goal is to provide governments with solutions in the form of the right tools and relevant data for more informed decision-making and better outcomes for the public.

At the moment, there are over 1500 public agencies in 48 states that are a part of the OpenGov network. CEO Zack Bookman says that the money they raised in 2019 will be used to develop their cloud tool and budgeting software further. The idea behind it is to replace legacy on-premise technology, old databases, complicated spreadsheets, and information silos with a single open database.

One of the critical reasons why OpenGov is succeeding is because they managed to find investors to support them. In 2019, $51 million were raised thanks to such government investors as Weatherford Capital and 8VC as well as the existing investor Andreessen Horowitz. If you can attract the right people, you will be able to sustain your project for years ahead.


Senseware was founded in 2013 by Julien Stamatakis, and Serene Almomen and its headquarters are currently located in West McLean, Virginia. The company develops and maintains a platform for collecting critical mechanical, electrical, environmental, and plumbing data.

What is interesting about Senseware is the fact that it mostly relies on the Internet of Things (IoT) and aims to provide its customers with an advanced, cloud-based IoT solution. Their IoT Technology Stack enables governmental structures to connect and digitize the assets in the physical environment. It gives the structure blocks they want to execute their enterprise data strategy.

An excellent way to use the IoT technologies within your B2G company even if you aren’t focused on this sphere is to combine it with translation and localization. With such translation and localization services as The Word Point available online, translating your content and your product has become much more comfortable.


Founded in 2011 by Sascha Haselmayer, Citymart is now a platform used by over 130 cities that utilize the tools and methods the platform comes with. At the very beginning, Haselmayer applied design thinking from his architectural training to show that every procurement is an opportunity.

According to Citymart itself, the company has brought over 30 thousand startups, social entrepreneurs, small businesses, corporations, and non-profits to the public procurement table. These figures are astounding, and one of the reasons why Citymart does is possible is that Haselmayer had attended architecture school and knew that he wanted to improve the cities and urban areas he loved.

You must have a plan from the very start and keep moving towards your aim no matter what. Don’t go in blind but rather do your research and know what challenges await you. Be as developed as yourself can do and look into the future with optimistic thoughts.


Skycatch is another B2G company that aims to redefine the way our cities are built, including real estate and physical infrastructures. Skycatch is a leader in autonomous commercial data acquisition with the usage of drones. The company is known internationally thanks to some pretty big players, especially in the construction industry, using its technology.

A few years ago, Skycatch raised $22 million for its Series B round with the help of such investors as Autodesk, Komatsu, and Google Ventures. Such investments are made because the construction industry is changing and adopting drones to collect data on the site, and Skycatch is helping them with it. Investors understand the potential.

If your product is something that the world needs, then you will already have half of the success in your hands. Your creation must solve problems to be useful and valuable to your target market. It can be a genius idea, but if it isn’t helpful, your business will fail to take off and become successful.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, it takes many different factors and circumstances to determine the success or failure of a specific B2G project, but some things like dedication and passion are always necessary. If you truly love whatever you are doing, you will be able to find the right path to reaching your goal.

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