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Top 5 castles in Poland by ITS DMC Poland

Poland is located at the border between western Europe and the east; many times in its history, it was a road for army marches from the west to the east and the other way round. With its rich and turbulent history, the country has produced many interesting castles, strongholds and palaces. Take a journey with local ITS DMC Poland to discover the most precious Polish castles. Find out the must-see points on the map of Poland.

5 top castles in Poland by ITS DMC Poland:

  • Malbork
  • Wawel
  • Książ
  • Kwidzyn
  • Reszel

1. Malbork Castle

It is probably the most famous of all Polish castles. It is even enlisted at UNESCO World Heritage List. It is the biggest Medieval brick castle in Europe.

A 1.5-hour drive from Gdańsk (the biggest northern magnet cities for tourists in Poland) is a popular one-day trip destination. The sightseeing of the castle takes about 3-4 h. It is best to choose a guided museum tour first.

ITS DMC Poland advises to reserve some time for your castle grounds exploration and lunch in “Piwniczka” restaurant in the castle specializing in Polish and knights cuisine.

Moreover, it is a must to walk on a pedestrian bridge to the other side of the Nogat river, flowing just by the castle, to admire the magnificent panorama of the whole castle buildings.

2. Wawel Castle

It is located in the former capital of Poland – Cracow and the seat of Polish kings. It’sIt’s DMC Poland advice to spend at least 3 to 5 days to sightsee Cracow and its main attractions as it is the main Polish tourist destination. Moreover, Cracow Old Town (Wawel Castle included) is enlisted at UNESCO World Heritage List).

There are a few possible tourist routes in the castle itself. We recommend choosing either Royal Chambers or Royal Appartments. In our opinion, they are the most interesting. Still, you must book the entrance to the castle much in advance as Wawel is one of Cracow’s main attractions and is usually fully booked much in advance.

It is also worth exploring Wawel Hill itself. Tourist will find here the famous Wawel Cathedral and Wawel legendary dragon with its den. You should spend at least half a day in this place to fully appreciate it.

3. Książ Castle

It has the prettiest location of all Polish castles. Located in Wałbrzych, a town close to Wrocław city, the mansion is out of the centre, located on the top of a forested hill, which brings to memory a similar famous image Neuschwanstein Castle in Germany. The castle was first erected in Medieval times, but it is more recent history that fascinates most visitors.

It is WWII and the fact that the court was supposed to be the headquarters of Adolf Hitler himself. Tourists can visit underground bunkers under the castle in connection to this dark page of the castle history.

Besides that, tourists may visit palace interiors and hear about the famous Daisy Princess’s life, stroll in castle gardens, and visit favourite horse stud and palm house. ITS Poland DMC advises spending one full day on tour to Walbrzych and the famous castle.

4. Kwidzyn Castle

It is another castle, after Malbork, built by the crusaders Teutonic Knights Order. It is possible to see both castles on the same day due to their proximity. Kwidzyn castle enraptures with its size and what is funny extravagant latrines.

Apart from traditional historical exhibitions, it also houses a natural history exhibition of the region. It is worth seeing it on the way from Malbork Castle. ITS Poland DMC suggests a one day trip to see these highlights here.

5. Reszel Castle

It is often called the pearl of the Warmia and Mazuria region. It is an impressive brick gothic castle. The Teutonic Knights Order also erected it in Medieval times. It was beautifully rebuilt and restored.

Currently, it houses a hotel, an exhibition of torture instruments, an art gallery and a restaurant. Tourists can also climb the tower and admire the panorama of the cosy town and the surrounding area.

The castles mentioned above are just a mere fraction of interesting historical abodes that Poland can view. Still, they create the core of tourist experiences visiting Poland. You cannot visit Poland and not see at least 2-3 of them as true masterpieces of the former architectonic glory and their owners’ might.

If you got interested in the Polish tourist offer, contact ITS DMC Poland for more information and trip organization assistance.

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