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Cell phone tracker apps that are available free of cost

Cell phones have become part and parcel of our lives. We hardly stay away from our cell phones. That is why it is often regarded as the perfect companion of human beings. Keeping cell phones can ensure your kids’ and spouses’ safety, especially in modern times, when the rate of crime increases day by day. Due to this, the demand for cell phone tracker applications or software is increasing.

Many mobile location tracker tools are available free of costs these days. However, these online tools are not very reliable. We need an application that is robust and reliable in tracking the exact location of any targeted device. Let us see the best Cell phone tracker apps that are available free of cost.

1. FamiSafe Location Tracker

FamiSafe is a #No.1 parental control app with comes with real-time GPS enabled features. This application file size is less as compared to any other free tools available in the market.

This mobile tracker application can be used for tracing the pinpoint location of any device, whether it is android or mobile phone. The best thing about the Famisafe parental control app is that it can work in hidden mode, and your kids or spouse will not identify any spying activity on their phone at all.

2. Google Maps

Google maps is present in almost all android or iPhone smartphones. It is used for location sharing, finding nearby places, and locating the device precisely using advanced GPRS, and real-time Global positioning system. If mobile phones are lost in the market or crowded area, this app can be used to find the device and set the alerts or rings.

There are several built-in features available in this application that are available free of cost. The location tracking details are reliable and can be used for tracking any stolen or lost devices, whether it is android or iPhone.

3. Where’s my droid

When it comes to Android phone location tracking, my droid app is the most powerful mobile location tracker tool. This application can easily be downloaded from the Google play store.

This mobile tracking app is effective in tracking the location of lost or stolen smartphones. Since this free tool uses advanced GPS hence, it makes us locate any android device with 100% accuracy.

4. Find my device

This device is the most powerful tool in location tracking. You can trace the location of any device, whether mobile phones, laptops, desktops, or tablets using this location tracking app.

Considering the features of all the mobile mentioned above or cell phone tracking applications, FamiSafe is the best mobile location tracker.

The reason is that it has an excellent user interface and basic operations for tracking any mobile phones. Whether it is android or apple devices is more comfortable than others. The application work in stealth mode that is why it can also be used for spying purposes of cheating partners effectively.

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