Have you ever wondered what sparked the growth of digital signage in the hospitality industry? Well, the reason is quite simple! When it comes to restaurants, hotels, and resorts, the guest experience is of utmost importance; the digital display is an effective way to achieve it.

Digital Signage Benefits Hospitality Industry

From digital concierge stations to interactive self-check-in kiosks, it offers many automated services to enhance the guests’ experiences. Let’s check out some of the ways hotel owners are harnessing the benefits of digital signage-

It Offers Automated Check-in And Check-out

After traveling for long hours, nothing beats quick and easy hotel reservations at self-operating kiosks. Digital signage has taken this idea to the next level, offering the guests with easy-to-use, interactive displays. As the visitors enter the hotel, their eye will be naturally drawn to the digital screen on the wall. If the queue is too long, and they are in a hurry, digital signage allows them to check-in, check-out themselves.

It speeds up the reservation process and provides the hotel with an opportunity to promote events, deals, or other relevant information.

Digital Signage Act As A Virtual Concierge

A concierge provides the guests with information about the area, nearby amenities, events, activities, etc. However, in today’s digital world, most of the visitors prefer to find information on their own. So, you can use digital displays to deliver information to your guests such as-

  • Details Of Local Events
  • Additional Offerings Of The Hotel
  • Weather Forecasts
  • Must-see Attractions
  • Snow Reports, if it is a Ski Resort
  • Beach Reports, if it is a Beach Resort

It is a classy way to display fine print about your location, rules for the gym, pool, etc. Further, you can display reward programs and promotions offered by your hotel.

Digital Menu Board Is A Modern Way To Introduce Your Dining Options

Digital signage in restaurants helps establish sophistication and modernity that many guests expect from the hospitality industry. By displaying the images of food items and popular cuisines, you can even promote the spontaneous purchase of high-end menu options.

It allows you to modify the contents of the menu board quickly, and help manage inventory, daily specials. If the restaurant is one amongst many at your hotel, you can display special food items and help guests to make the best dining decisions.

It Is A Great Entertainment Tool

Whether you want your guests to linger longer in a hotel bar, or ease their perceived wait time, digital signage content is the way to go. You can use displays in waiting or sitting areas like hotel lobbies to inform and entertain them.

Since guests turn to screens as a source of entertainment, you can integrate custom video presentations with in-room television. You can create visual content to welcome your guests when they turn on the TV.

Digital Signage Can Be Used As An Event Guide

Irrespective of the size of the event, you need to have prominent signage to guide the visitors. So, digital signage is an ideal way to present necessary info such as-

Event Directory

It allows you to display the agenda of the conference, speaker details, location and time of the events, etc.

Content About Event Sponsors

Many of the sponsors use digital displays to post their marketing materials and brand name throughout the location.


If an event is going to be organized in a large space, you can use signs as a way to direct the audience around it. You can also highlight special points of interest.


These are some of the benefits of using digital signage in the hospitality industry. From showcasing local attractions to special offers in the restaurant, digital signage can upsell the goods and services, generating revenue for the hotel. It is truly an exceptional tool to promote your business.

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