How To Get A Solid TikTok Following | Video-Sharing Social Networking Service

Solid TikTok Following | Video-Sharing Social Networking Service

As an experienced social media influencer will tell you, building a following on social media platforms is not easy. You’ll have to wear lots of different hats: you’re the entrepreneur, the social climber, the computer expert, and the trendspotter all rolled into one person. If you want to be a social media influencer, then you have to stay one step ahead of your competition, but before you even start to compete, you need to build a substantial following.

TikTok is one of the most important platforms out there right now, so if you’re not focusing on that for your social media strategy, then you need to refocus your efforts. There’s no shame in not being up-to-date on precisely what TikTok is or what it does, but it’s something you need to remedy as quickly as you can. To help you along on your TikTok journey – whether you’re a newbie or a long-term user – we’ve compiled a guide. Here’s how you can get a solid TikTok following.

1. Get some external help.

When you’re just starting on TikTok and your following is a little quieter than you want it to be, there’s no shame in checking out a great free TikTok followers site like TikTokFollowing. This site can help you to get followers on your TikTok page so that your content can be viewed far and wide. With a site like this, you can bolster an already significant following and ensure that you’re reaching as many people as possible. Don’t neglect help!

2. Collaborate

Whatever your content area might be, you can bet that there’ll be someone else out there who’s creating content very similar to yours. Instead of viewing these creators as rivals, reach out to them and ask if they’d like to collaborate. Doing so can bring in entirely new audiences and introduce you to methods you might not previously have considered for bringing in viewers. It’s also worth reaching out to different kinds of creators so that you can cross-pollinate between audiences.

3. Post regularly

If your TikTok followers see that you’re not posting regular content, they’ll quickly get bored and move on to pastures greener. Don’t let this happen to you. Make sure you set up regular content creation and upload schedule. This way, you’ll ensure that you never stagnate or lose audience members due to inactivity. Attracting new viewers is entirely dependent on them thinking that you’re a channel worth checking out, so if you don’t frequently upload, you’re not instilling much confidence in your audience.

4. Engage with your audience

When you create your content, make sure you put plenty of calls to action and audience engagement elements into it. Ask them what they think you could be doing better, what sort of content they want to see you create next, and who they’d like to see you work with. If your audience feels involved, they’ll be more likely to follow what you’re doing next, but if they don’t feel like you value them or like you’re acknowledging them, they’ll quickly move on.

5. Keep up-to-date

Using popular music and other current pop culture in your content is a great way to get seen. Your audience will recognize what you’re using and be drawn to your content because it’ll feel more on-trend. It’s essential to keep checking TikTok’s trending page to make sure you’re hitting the right trends, though; what’s popular today almost certainly won’t be popular tomorrow, so keep an eye out for what’s relevant. TikTok is one of the speeds growing social media platforms, after all.

6. Don’t be ashamed to check out other influencers.

You might be invited to see other TikTok influencers as bitter rivals and to stay away from the methods they’re using to generate followers. This would be a mistake; if they’re successful in their endeavors, then there’s probably a lot you can learn from them. We’re not suggesting that you plagiarise other TikTok content creators, of course, remixing content is one thing, but outright stealing it and claiming it’s yours is quite another.

7. Hit magic hour

The best time to upload content to TikTok is changing on a country-by-country basis, so there’s no golden catch-all rule about when you should be doing this. However, knowing your country’s best time for uploading content will drastically increase your chances of getting a solid TikTok following. It’s usually around the evening and morning when people are commuting or relaxing after a long day of work. Make sure to hit that time, and you’ll see your follower count skyrocket.

8. Use good equipment

Low-quality TikTok content won’t cut it with an increasingly savvy and aware audience. If you’re working on standing out from the crowd and increase your follower count, considering tech gadgets – you’ll need to make sure your equipment is as right as your ideas are. You may think that all you need is your smartphone, but if you genuinely want to take your content to the next level, then you should also have a led ring light and mobile tripod set up. This is the bare minimum; there’s plenty more you could look at if you want to get even more professional.

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