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Robots and robotic gadgets are no longer exclusively military technology. Today, robots are everywhere in the consumer market. Improvements in miniaturization and artificial intelligence are making them smarter, more dexterous, and more versatile every day.

Often, consumer-grade robotics are offshoots of efforts made in other industries. These collaborations across businesses have produced extreme advances in robot technology in the last decade, and much more is projected to come in the next 20 years.

With these advances and collaborations, there are many more opportunities for consumers to purchase high-grade robotics from for use in their own homes. This is a short guide to some of the commercial products available out there now to anyone.

1. Movable Camera Robot

The Movable Camera Robot by Appbot is an impressive little security device (it looks like a bit of robot that you’d see in Star Wars, but it’s not a toy).

We first spotted this on All the Stuff and have to admit that surveillance technology has come a long way to become consumer-ready. This little guy can take photos and record conversations, has motion detection and face recognition technology built into its eye, and can even record face recognition logs.

Using an app on your smartphone, you can check and see what the Movable Camera Robot is seeing at all times. Using its night vision capabilities, you can even set your mind at ease after it gets dark.

If it gets stuck, it can even stand up automatically to keep mobile. This is one example of a piece of technology that once would have been expressly intended for military use and can now be purchased at reasonable prices for use in your own home.

2. Keyboards

Portable digital keyboards are finally consumer-viable and will only become more popular with writers and team leaders as technology improves.

Laser projection keyboards now exist at low prices that connect with your phone, iPad, or laptop via Bluetooth to give you a standard keyboard layout without any bulky hardware.

What used to be a novelty is now becoming a legitimate business tool for use on planes and trains or when you relocate to a meeting space. With just your phone, you can type on a full keyboard from the conference table without moving any hardware.

People at home now have access to a rechargeable laser projection keyboard solution that just a decade ago would have looked like something out of science fiction.

3. Robotic Arms

Owing to China’s vested interest in robotics and resulting from collaborations between automotive, food processing, and medical industries, advanced robotic arms are quickly becoming commercially viable.

Many industries will feel the effects of this availability, including retail, agriculture, and material handling industries. The market for advancement in robotic arms is projected to grow exponentially in the next decade.

Fueled by Chinese demand for automation, robotic arms have evolved from being used purely in manufacturing processes to being adopted as remote surgical alternatives.

Now, 3D printing and cow-milking machines are being distributed for different needs but with the same goal: to bring advanced robotic armatures to consumers.

We’ve come a long way from Unimate, and the first robotic arm sold commercially in 1960. The real-world viability of new hardware technology is always dependent on its capacity to be commercialized.

As we enter 2020 and beyond, robotic arms will be sold increasingly cheaply and with even more utility, leading not only to increased efficiency in select industries but also to emergent new technologies.

4. The Takeaway

Advancements in robotic technology lead to increased commercialization since what was once advanced can now be produced more cheaply and effectively.

This means that as industries collaborate and create new hardware for retail, agriculture, automotive, and other industries, that technology will trickle down to consumer availability.

The result is significant technological advancements in the home, such as new surveillance technology, the availability of entertainment and office advancements, and another consumer-grade military tech like drones and robotic arms.

As demand increases in technology-centric countries like China, advancements are soon to follow. It will only become an increasingly important topic in investment and retail as we progress deeper into the 21st century, and even more of these fantastic advancements are made.

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