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Heavy Copper Printed Circuit Boards

Electronic Industries are highly demanding and widely using heavy copper printed circuit boards. Now the electronics industries are developing day by day with new ideas. These electronic industries are using innovative ideas of technology, and by using these prosperous ideas, they are producing the hottest printed circuit boards.

The Heavy Copper Printed Circuit Board contains thick copper, which means more than three ounces(oz) of copper are there on the inner-outer layers of the printed circuit board. Heavy Copper Printed Circuit Boards contain 4oz/ft to 20oz/ft thickness of the copper, while the weight of copper is above from 20oz/ft2 to 200oz/ft2.

These weights of copper are considered extreme copper. These printed circuit boards with copper-coated or plated with an appropriate substance made it a more reliable wiring platform. A variety of plating techniques are being used for manufacturing these boards.

The Electronic Industry is always aiming to increase the copper thickness by plating holes and sidewalls.

1. Heavy Copper PCBs benefits:-

Heavy Copper Printed Circuit Board traces offers several advantages like follows:-

2. Strong and Simple structure:-

Designers can achieve a higher density with high current circuits and reduce the layer current when integrated into the printed circuit boards. In this way, the structure of the Printed Circuits Board will be more strong and uncomplicated. So, there will be no difficulties running the boards as they are so strong and well designed.

3. Reduce failure state:-

The high current generates more heat in the manufacturing of complex printed circuit boards. Copper can conduct heat away from high-temperature components VictoryPCB heavy copper PCB Circuit Boards have reduced failure state.

4. Lower costs of production:-

As we know that copper is a costly material, but by using copper, the costs of production of printed circuit boards will be lower. Victory Printed Circuit Board is a manufacturer that produces printed circuit boards professionally. This company makes its products with thick copper to be more reliable and of high quality based design.

If a producer purchases raw material for his company at a low price, automatically, he will produce cheaper products. It means expenditure will be reduced. Most companies buy their raw material in bulk so that the production costs will be low, and producers will sell it at low prices.

5. Manufacturing capabilities of heavy copper printed circuit boards:-

Manufacturing companies have capabilities to produce high-quality manufacturing heavy copper printed circuit boards. These printed circuit boards are made up of high and heavy copper. These boards are generally power converters.

Manufacturing companies use planar transfer and heat dissipation. If you need to purchase high-quality Heavy Copper Printed Circuit Boards, I will recommend victory Printed Circuit Boards.

6. Heavy Copper Printed Circuit Boards also use the following applications:-

  • High-Power distribution
  • Power supply for Radar systems
  • Safety and Signal system
  • Welding equipment
  • Protection relays
  • Power line Monitors
  • Torque Control
  • Overload Relays
  • Automotive industry
  • Solar panel manufacturers
  • Nuclear power Applications

Victory PCBs have the capabilities to produce quality-based designs of heavy copper printed circuit boards.

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