Car hire services are a great resource when you’re travelling. Especially right now, when social distancing is paramount, and public transit can be scary for some, private car rental is often the preferred way to travel. Whether you are going somewhere on a family trip or just looking for a little getaway by yourself, you don’t have to spend a fortune to get a good car rental.

Car hire services often run specials and have other ways to help you find deals on their rentals. Plus, you can look around online to find the best rates and compare your options to ensure that you get the absolute best value every single time.

Here are some tips to help you make the most of your next car hire so you can spend more on souvenirs and other aspects of your holiday.

1. Skip Airport Rentals

Never rent a car right from the airport. This is convenient, but that’s exactly what you’ll pay for. These rental agencies always have slightly higher rates because they know you need the car. If you book ahead of time, you can arrange a rental elsewhere and sometimes, and you’ll even be able to get picked up.

2. Memberships and Discounts

Take advantage of memberships, work discounts, or other deals you may have forgotten you have in your back pocket. For example, people who belong to certain insurance companies may get discounts with rental cars as a customer loyalty perk.

Capitalize on these when you can. You can even purchase new memberships or join new programs to save on car hire if the other perks are beneficial in the future, as well.

3. Choose Economy

Rent the smallest vehicle you need. If you are trying to save money, you’re not going to rent a luxury full-size SUV. Car hire services charge by the class of vehicle. Plus, if you choose a bigger car, you’re going to spend more on fuel, too.

Sometimes, less really is more. Don’t sell yourself short or cram into something too small but think realistically about what you need when choosing your vehicle.

4. Consider the Rental Period

You should consider a week-long rental rather than by the day. Daily rentals add up, but many companies will provide a discounted rate for a full week rental or longer. You can even ask when the cheapest times to rent are or how to get the best rate by picking the ideal dates and times for pickup and return.

5. Stick to a Single Driver

Register one driver. Some rental companies will charge more for multiple drivers because it increases the potential risk and so forth. If you are going to get the best rates, choose one driver and stick with it. Another note here—never let anyone drive the car if they aren’t registered. If something happens, this could cause a lot of costly problems.

6. Insurance Tips

Use your insurance, but don’t skimp if you need additional coverage. Most car policies will cover a rental to a certain extent. If you’re not sure, contact your agent or provider and find out what your coverage extends to in terms of car hire services. You might find that you have more protection than you think.

Of course, never forego insurance totally because paying a little for coverage is much better than spending thousands of dollars in damages if something happens. The rental content available isn’t expensive, and it can give you more peace of mind about your car hire. Since you’re on holiday, stress is the last thing that you need.

7. The Bottom Line: Do Your Homework

Ultimately, getting the best deal on car hire services for your holiday is all about taking the time to shop around and see what’s out there. Now that you know more about what to look for in a rental, it should be easy for you to find everything you need without breaking the bank.

There is very important information available online today that you can learn all about car hire services and what they offer and how to find the best deals every single time.
The most important thing to remember is to ask. The worst that can happen is they will tell you no.

However, most companies will work with you to advise on when their rentals are cheaper, how you can join a membership to save money, and so forth. They want your business, and in getting it, they’ll help you in any way that they can. Take advantage of that to make the most of your car hire.

If you have those thoughts in mind, you’ll be able to relax and enjoy your holiday, spend more on sightseeing and know that you got the best deal on your rental car, no matter what you ended up going with.