6 Most Popular WordPress Plugins in 2021

Currently, there are higher than 50,000 plugins available for use in the WordPress plugin directory. For website builders and site owners, this can be daunting.

After all, choosing the right plugin plays a crucial part in your website’s speed, security, and of course, user experience and journey. This is particularly useful if you’re using a free online store builder for your site and feel somehow lost.

To help you narrow it down, we listed down 6 of the most helpful WordPress plugins based on features, pricing, and overall usability. Read on.

1. Yoast SEO

Yoast SEO is a WP plugin dedicated to improving your search optimization by offering you real-time page analysis of your website. You can optimize your pages’ content, title, images, meta descriptions, and, of course, keywords through this plugin.

Additionally, you can use it to generate URLs automatically and even make readable XML sitemaps. Lastly, it can also analyze the readability of your copy. You can get Yoast Premium for $89 for one site or opt for the free version.

2. WP-Rocket

WP-Rocket has stood out amongst other plugins for several years by being the gold standard for WordPress caching.

Best of all, this plugin requires no coding, so anyone who uses it can improve the speed of their WP site and their SEO rankings and conversions. While there’s no free version available, WP-Rocket is priced at an affordable $49 per year.

3. WooCommerce

If you’re considering starting an E-commerce store on WordPress, then WooCommerce is the tool to evaluate.

An all-in-one package, WooCommerce doesn’t come with any limitations as to what you can sell and how much of it, making it perfect for any online store. Best of all, it’s user-friendly, giving you the freedom to focus on your store. You can either choose between the free version or the premium one, which only costs $79.

4. SearchWP

If you’re looking to improve your visitors’ in-site search experience, then SearchWP is well worth your time. Offering a list of advanced features, including the indexing of keywords, descriptions, and post titles, SearchWP lets you make multiple search engines with their settings.

Additionally, SearchWP also improves searching by using keyword stems instead of exact word matches. Prices start at $99 for one site per year.

5. HubSpot

HubSpot is your one-stop shop for all your marketing needs. Meant to optimize your marketing processes, HubSpot lets you manage contacts, build email newsletters, track conversions, and even engage with your site visitors via chat or forms, among other things.

The dashboard also provides essential insight into how well your marketing efforts are doing. Additionally, the plugin is also available for free.

6. WPForms

Every website needs a contact form that enables your users to reach out directly, and WPForms specializes in just that.

As one of the more modern plugins in its category, WPForms lets you create anything from simple contact forms with minimal setup to bigger ones that are more complex, like email listings or pop-up forms. You can examine the free version before trying the pro version that starts at $39.50 per year.

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