How Do You Use a QI Car Charger

If you’re still using a wired charger for your phone, it’s time to upgrade to a wireless variant. A qi car charger is an excellent example of a wireless type to pick from. But how can you use a qi car charger?

Most flagship devices right now have a wireless charging provision, which makes it necessary to have a wireless car charger. If yourself obtain that kind that spends most of their time on transit, then you’ll highly benefit from a qi car charger.

The best part about getting a qi car charger is its compatibility with most devices. You can use it for all of the devices that support wireless charging. Since it released the Galaxy S6, Samsung has been at the forefront of wireless charging devices.

Huawei also followed up with its flagship Mate 20 Pro. For Apple devices, the iPhone X was the entry point to the wireless charging segment.

1. What Even is a QI Car Charger

The qi car charger is a wireless phone charger that supports all devices with wireless charging. It has a phone mount and a video dash cam for those seeking extra features. You don’t have to struggle with tangling cables anymore when you have the qi car charger.

Only you must do drop the phone on it and charge it. Its one-hand operation also helps to ensure more concentration is on the road and not the charger. Due to its electromagnetic inductor, the qi car charger mounts bonds seamlessly with your phone.

There is a fast-charging provision to ensure that your device juices up quickly for you to use it. The charger also charges the phone even with the case on. However, the patient needs to be thinner than 0.12 inches. You can either place it on the windscreen, air vent or the dashboard, depending on your preferences.

2. How do You Use a QI Car Charger?

The qi car charger works based on inductive charging technology. Power from the car system passes through an electrical current using bi-coils. This creates an electromagnetic field that charges your device. The current turns from alternating (AC) to direct (DC) so that it captures the gadget effectively.

Most smartphone manufacturers have adopted the use of a Qi wireless charging system. Qi is the standard wireless charging mark, which the wireless power consortium developed.

Currently, you can only use a qi car charger close to your phone and not from a distance. However, manufacturers are seeking ways to have wireless charging at a distance. This way, you can even use your phone while it’s charging. For now, you’ll place your phone on the charging pad for it to work.

It’s important to note that phones and other device batteries gradually degrade after several charging cycles. Even though some have criticized wireless charging for its increased rate of damage and charging cycles, manufacturers still claim that the battery would degrade with time anyway.

3. Why Use a QI Car Charger?

So, what’s all the hype about using a qi car charger? Is it beneficial to your driving experience? Here are a few benefits of using such a wireless charging system:

a. Safer

This is in both aspects of usability while driving and in terms of your device. Wired chargers tend to increase the chances of accidents happening through distraction. When going, even a split second distraction can be fatal. Also, trying to insert a wired charger into your phone’s charging socket can take more than a second.

Wireless car chargers help to prevent this distraction and keep you safer on the road. They are also safer to transfer power to your phone.

b. Simple Process | QI Car Charger

When using a qi car charger, the process is quicker and more straightforward than the conventional wired chargers. Only you must do place the device on the charging pad, and you’re good to go. Such a level of simplicity makes it easier to charge your phone when driving without any distraction.

c. Reduces Strain on the Charging Port

The idea of inserting and removing the charger inside the charging port regularly causes strain. Over time, you might start to notice that your phone charging port becomes looser and looser.

The qi car charger is wireless, which makes it a useful option to use for charging. This reduces the strain your charging port goes through every day. Currently, you only use the charging port occasionally.

d. Convenient Mounting

Whether you want to place the phone on your windshield, dashboard, or the air vent, you can do so with ease. The qi car charger is easy to mount with immense convenience.

4. Final Thoughts | QI Car Charger

In summary, getting a qi car charger is the right decision to make today. You’ll charge all of your devices on the go. Get enough juice to get you through the day with a qi car charger. What’s more, they aren’t pricey, as you can get one that fits your budget.

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