With numerous recruitment chatbots popping up everywhere, rest assured that technology is at the pinnacle. It is for a good reason as well.

Several companies in the marketing arena have been using chatbot technology to communicate with their customers, humanize a company, enhance their service standards, be available round the clock, engage website visitors, and increase both leads and conversions.

For such reasons, chatbots have been an excellent idea for recruiting purposes as well. Recruitment chatbots could live right on your careers site or could be specifically programmed to interact with candidates through email, text message, or on a social media page.

Recruiting chatbots could capture the candidate’s contact information, experience, answer his questions, direct him to do the right job, assist in screening and scheduling, provide automation to supplement the work done by your recruiters, and increase the number of candidates for completing their applications. It would also clear more time to focus on innovative strategies.

Therefore, if everything appears alluring, let us delve into the needs and essential information about chatbots along with a few examples of how top companies have been using chatbots for recruiting candidates on www.talenteria.com.

1. Understanding the recruiting chatbots working process

Let us explore the working of recruiting chatbots.

It would be pertinent to mention here that recruiting chatbots could offer a high-touch interaction with candidates through their journey. Find below a few things that chatbots could do for a recruiting team. These would be inclusive of the following –

  • Capturing contact information for adding leads to your CRM or ATS. It would help your recruiters to follow up later
  • Answering questions about the company or jobs thereby encouraging the candidates to apply
  • Scheduling interviews for eliminating the voicemails and emails
  • Screening the suitable candidates for the role
  • Updating the status of the candidates in the hiring process

Recruiting chatbots have explicitly been developed and maintained with a combination of machine learning technology, artificial intelligence, and natural processing of the language. You could program them for responding to numerous questions and interactions automatically. Rest assured that most would become more competent with time.

It would not be wrong to suggest that chatbot technology has become significant. It would be relatively difficult to identify whether you were chatting to a chatbot or a human in most cases.

The primary reason people have started paying more attention to chatbots in the recruiting process has been their automation features. It could help various teams enhance their efficiency, deliver a positive candidate experience, and help the employer brands provide a candidate with a better and responsive communication experience.

2. How are talent-hiring teams using chatbots for recruitment processes?

They use chatbots for sharing their employer brands and assist candidates in finding a suitable role. They also help in conducting the screening process and scheduling interview. Chatbots help in converting customers into applicants.

Rest assured that the round-the-clock availability of chatbots would provide an enhanced and improved experience for the candidates.