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5 Parts to Examine When Choosing Residential Solar Panel Services

According to the latest research by Solar Energy Industries Association, it’s 70% cheaper to install solar nowadays than it was ten years ago.

If you’re keen to take advantage of these savings, the first thing you need is residential solar panel services that can guide you along the way.

These experts will lead you to the best solar technology for you and set you on the right path toward sustainable energy savings.

1. Ask For Recommendations

If you’ve got friends or family who’ve been singing the praises of their new home solar installation, ask them which solar installer they hired to set it up. Getting a recommendation from someone you believe is the best way to find a reliable solar installation contractor.

Alternatively, you can try reading online reviews to find the best solar installer in your area. Websites like the Better Business Bureau, Yelp, and Porch feature hundreds of customer comments about every kind of contractor.

2. Check Residential Solar Panel Services Credentials

It’s always best to work with a local solar company that’s familiar with your environment and can advise you on the best net-metering deals in town. 

In some states, solar installers need a specific license to ply their trade. Make sure you work with a company that complies. It’s also essential that they have the necessary insurance to cover you if anything goes wrong during your solar installation. 

3. Consider Experience

It makes sense that a contractor who has years of solar installation experience is better equipped to service your solar needs.

Most solar technicians receive on-the-job training. A good contractor will ensure that their employees remain trained in the latest technologies and methods. 

It’s essential to try and gauge the contractor’s commitment to your community, save you money, and sustainable energy. The best contractors are passionate about all three of these aspects. 

4. Ask Questions

Likewise, a knowledgeable solar installer has the correct answer for all your questions. They’ll inspect your roof and take your location into account before installing solar panels on your home.

A lot goes into choosing the perfect solar panels for homes to enjoy all the benefits of solar energy from the start. If the contractor seems hesitant in their answers or reluctant to listen to your concerns, it’s best to keep shopping around.

5. Compare Prices

Solar panels might be cheaper than ever before, but they’re still an expensive, long-term commitment.

There are many ways to save with solar, so ask for quotes from several companies and consider all the pros and cons before signing any contract.

Work with the solar contractor who can offer you savings from the outset, provide for your power needs, and commit to helping you reduce your home’s carbon emissions. 

A Brighter Future Thanks to Technology

Thanks to rapid advances in solar technology, we’ll all get to enjoy the benefits of sustainable energy before too long. So, please bookmark this page for when it’s your turn to find the right residential solar panel services for you. 

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