4 Routine Issues Plaguing Your MacBook And How You Can Solve Them

Mac users have lesser complaints about their devices and operating systems than Windows users. This is because Apple invests heavily in making its products and software as full proof as possible.

Apple products like MacBook, iPad, iPhone, iMac, and others are famous for being near perfect tech solutions that enable us in multiple ways. Critics and admirers have also given Apple’s operating system software like iOS and macOS favorable reviews.

However, even though Apple’s products and software are as close to perfection as possible, there might be issues that can plague them.

In the article, we are going to look at four issues, which might affect your MacBook. We also enlist the services of a tech expert/Mac genius, to offer some DIY tips on how to address them.

4 Routine Issues which can affect your MacBook and how to solve them: The List

1. Starting Up Troubles

How often have we heard someone say my Mac won’t turn on. You might be seeing a blank black or grey screen when you press the power button on your MacBook.

In the list of problems, this might be the most common one of them all. A straightforward solution to this is to check the battery, the adapter, and blow some air from your mouth into the charging socket.

If this does not work, you can start the system in ‘Safe Mode’ by pressing on the power button and the Shift key. The macOS then starts running its diagnostics on your hard disk to check for further issues.

2. External devices (hard drives) not connecting to the MacBook

Another problem that many MacBook users have raised is the problem of external storage devices not being read. We might need to transfer files using an external hard disk, or a pen drive. If the MacBook does not understand it, it might become a severe problem.

One quick fix is removing the device from the port and moving it on to the next one. You can also start up the MacBook in Safe Mode and see if the external device is mounting on or not. Another issue can be the updates.

You need to check if there are pending updates, which need to be installed. Lastly, the problem might be with the device itself. The device might be corrupted or damaged for the MacOS to read it in its entirety.

3. Data Loss when Updates take place

Several users have previously reported that updates result in the loss of files from within folders. While Apple has not offered a clear picture as to why that happens, technical experts suggest many ways by which one can retrieve files, folders, and other data after an update.

One of the ways is using macOS’ very famous ‘Time Machine.’ It helps you set the clock back in time to allow your device to become exactly as it were on that day.

All you need to do start your MacBook in Recovery Mode by pressing Command + R. You will see a list of settings, including ‘Restore from Time Machine Back Up.’

4. Network and Connectivity Issues

There is no question that MacOS is one of the safest operating systems out there. But even such an advanced and sophisticated system might fail when connecting to your humble Wi-Fi.

This can be frustrating on several levels. If you are experiencing such an issue, you can do the following. Experts suggest that the problem can be solved in 90% of the cases by forgetting the Wi-Fi network and adding it back.

It could help if you went to the Systems Preferences in the Network page, click on your Wi-Fi (which you usually use and now is not working), and press Remove.

Now switch on the Wi-Fi again on your MacBook and look for the available connections. Once the system identifies your Wi-Fi connection, click connect, and you are good to go.


Working on a MacBook or any other Apple device and operating system is a pleasurable experience. While the advanced nature of these systems is laudable, they can sometimes suffer from very elementary errors.

In this article, we have highlighted four of the most common issues that you might experience while using your MacBook.

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