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Top 3 Features Offered By OANDA That You Should Not Miss

OANDA is a globally trusted brand that is appreciated explicitly for its excellent reputation among its clients. With an exceptional track record, it justifies all this praise with its extensive set of features, a few of which we will discuss here.

OANDA is an acronym for ‘Olsen and Associates” and was registered in the US in 1996. Starting there, they extended their financial services across the globe, now covering most countries. This broker system which focuses primarily on English-speaking folk is an appropriate choice for experienced traders and involved professionals. Based on the OANDA review articles by experts, the most significant features stand out.

1. The customer experience

One of the critical features which remain on the top list of good qualities is how OANDA takes care of satisfying its customers. With their financial solutions per se, OANDA readily offers an extensive catalogue.

In case of further customization, the brokers at OANDA are ready to make tailor-made alterations like adding additional features like protection, etc.

Apart from that, OANDA also offers newer options like crypto trading, social trading, and more.

2. Transparency

The website used by this firm is significantly maintained and is known to function in a very reliable manner, thanks to the transparency of their working process. They also have much proof and documentation to support their claims of protection and security.

Since this is serious handling involving money and funds, security is often the prime concern of the clients, and OANDA does not disappoint.

3. Safety score

The firm has an overall Trust Score of 92 out of 99, which you must know to be a good one. OANDA is approved and authorized by six tier-1 regulators and a tier-3 regulator, which reflects its reliability. In short, OANDA is considered to be low-risk.


To wrap things up, many users have backed OANDA to be one of the promising solutions available in the market in finance and brokerage. Though there might be better options, this remains p\raised because of the extensive list of features.

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