Things To Look Forward In The World Of Tvs

If you are a millennial, you will remember the bulky plasma TVs we had in our lounges. Those TV used to cover a lot of space. However, when they came into the scene, even the thought of getting one was simply amazing. You could watch your favourite TV shows, sports games, and news on big screens similar to those in the cinema. Over time, TV screens started to get even bigger but sleeker.

The LCDs were the first to start this new revolution from bulky old TVs. Then, TV technology became better and better. Now, we exist in a world of Smart TVs and ultra-HD displays. The resolution and refresh rate is getting better year after year.

Not only that, our parents and grandparents had minimal options when it came to watching a movie. Now, we have extensive libraries, streaming platforms, and screens providing an immersive TV experience. We are going in the right direction. Our TVs are directly connected to the internet 24/7.

They need high-speed internet to ensure smoother streaming on Netflix. We recommend getting Mediacom Internet for blazing-fast speeds and a steady connection.

Nevertheless, we will discuss all the latest trends in the world of TVs. Let’s start:

1. 8K Resolution

That must be some years since we got used to high-definition displays. We couldn’t imagine what it would feel like to watch the same video in 4 times better resolution. Thanks to science and technology, we have surpassed all our expectations.

The new generation of smart TVs has an ultra-HD 4K resolution. This resolution is getting quite common in our households, but this isn’t the end. 2021 will bring 8K resolution to our TV screens. This would result in a more detailed image.

If you study 8K in detail, you will be surprised by the resolution it brings. Now a standard 1080p display has a resolution of 1920 by 1080 pixels. Double that resolution, and you will get 3840 by 2160 pixels in 4K. Now, if you double those numbers again, you get 7680 by 4320 pixels. This is 8K and said to be 16 times that of 1080p and four times that of 4k.

If you are not a techy, resolutions might confuse you. Therefore, to help you understand this better, look closely at your TV screen. Locate a single pixel on the screen on your 1080p display. If you compare that pixel with a 4K display, 4 pixels will take that single pixel space.

Now, on an 8K TV, you will see 16 pixels in that single pixel of a 1080P display. As a result, the picture will be much sharper and detailed.

2. HDR

You might have heard the term HDR recently being associated with 4K. HDR stands for high dynamic range. It can be a bit complicated concept. However, it is crucial to understand it as TV technology continues to grow. If you are looking to get a new TV, you might face a 4K HDR vs 8K struggle. When you talk about Resolutions, these are mere pixels on a TV screen.

Conversely, HDR defines what those pixels show. Each of these pixels is assigned a value that determines the brightness of green, red, and blue subpixels. These form pixel’s colour collectively. Therefore, they control hue and luminance.

Experts believe that having an HDR on a TV would add a different satisfaction in watching TV. Since it dramatically influences the quality of image, HDR is a technology that most TV companies would adopt in the coming future.

HDR screens show a more comprehensive range of colours with deeper blacks. The combination of deeper blacks and whiter whites dramatically makes your picture more dynamic.

3. HDMI 2.1

If you are a gamer, this feature might concern you a lot. HDMI 2.1 is the latest technology being used in modern-day TVs to get ultra-high definition videos.

These are modern cables and meant to increase the frames per second. If you have an HDMI 2.1 cable, this means it is capable of supporting an 8K resolution video running at 60 frames per second and a 4K video at 120 frames per second.

4. Final Verdict

With new generation consoles just around the corner, it is time to get a new screen to do justice to all those resolutions and frames per second.

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