Traffic Surveillance Cameras On The Road – What You Didn’t Know!

This post will explain what ANPR (Automatic Number Plate Recognition) cameras are, why they’re essential, and how they’re specialized.

1. Here are some primary considerations:

  • These cameras are mass surveillance devices that perform optical character recognition on images to read license plates, making them the perfect tool for traffic surveillance.
  • Its system can inform the police to prevent criminal activities.
  • These advanced cameras can aid supply chain management, smart cities, and other functions where vehicle tracking is helpful.
  • They can identify vehicle make, model, colour, and owner by linking it to a central server database. If the car is stolen or involved in criminal activity, the information is immediately revealed.
  • With these functions, these specialized cameras are helpful in traffic flow management, traffic jam prediction, and parking lot access control and activity monitoring.

2. The Vidar cameras by Adaptive Recognition are the most advanced cameras of this type ever developed.

a. Cameras in Traffic-Flow Management

The ANPR cameras can inform the police or other authority if a vehicle matches any list. This can prevent criminal activity, identify employees or preferred customers, or help find any car on any list you choose.

The use of the cameras can improve, actually enable the implementation of innovative city programs in areas where vehicle tracking is helpful.

b. Control of Entry to Company Premises

The entry and exit points of your vicinity can be monitored. Incoming traffic flow is fully controlled. Employees registered in the company database are allowed access through electronic barriers when the ANPR camera retrieves their information.

c. Traffic Surveillance Cameras in Action

Adaptive Recognition’s Vidar camera sends signals directly to the gate/barrier. There’s no dependence on third-party software or hardware. The camera can be a stand-alone gate controller to store a list of authorized and unauthorized license plates. Traffic flows without delay for identification.

Infrequent visitors are stopped for verification and allowed manually with a press of a button in the control room. This level of control secures your location and provides complete visibility of who is entering and leaving your car park.

3. Other Conditions Well Covered by Traffic Surveillance Cameras

The ANPR cameras can assist in many traffic flow control efforts, especially in cities with restricted zones.

a. Low Emission Zones (LEZ)

In cities with LEZs, this technology can control the number and type of vehicles entering the zone. If disallowed vehicles enter the location, the camera can be programmed to notify the appropriate authorities automatically. Human intervention is unnecessary, except for the final action to remove or penalize the driver.

b. Law Enforcement

Traffic surveillance cameras make law enforcement easier by tracking and analyzing license plates. When a car is detected in a monitored location, its data is retrieved from its number plate.

Law enforcement authorities are notified if the vehicle is known to be involved in any previous criminal activity such as vehicle theft, carjacking, speeding, or any other traffic violation.

In addition, a particular traffic surveillance camera might be integrated with the police computer to track vehicles of interest. These cameras pull license plate information and take adequate images in any light condition of the car and its driver. Very efficient in a search!

c. Toll Control and Management

Even when traffic is only moderate, backups at tollbooths cause frustrating delays for everyone and create accident potential.

Traffic surveillance cameras assist in toll collection as there’s no need for cars even to slow down. These cameras can capture the necessary data at speeds up to 300 km/hr to see that the proper vehicle owner is charged.

d. Full-Time Monitoring of Public Parking Lots

Human security attendants in parking lots take breaks, get distracted, and work in shifts.
Cameras work full-time, 100% focused on what they’re monitoring. When a human is present, the data these cameras provide can help the attendant.

e. A Less-Expensive Alternative

Human attendants, in addition to their lapses, are expensive. The ANPR cameras are comparatively much cheaper.

4. Logistics Applications

Transportation and logistics companies will appreciate lower operation costs through coordination and communication of arrival, departure, and delivery times. All the steps in material movement can be managed with precision.

No waiting for a driver or warehouseman to call to know when the next step is imminent. The camera identifies each vehicle from its license plate, records these events with precision, and communicates them immediately.

If a truck is delayed for any reason, it’ll be soon known and can be investigated. Accidents, breakdowns, and other unscheduled interruptions are detected much earlier.

Another benefit of this advanced technology: Broad acceptance of ANPR cameras can simplify B2C deliveries.

As in many aspects of life and business, automation simplifies many details of logistics and traffic surveillance. Industry leader Adaptive Recognition’s Vidar cameras can supply the exact information you need.

They can be programmed to do just what you need for your situation. If interested in incorporating traffic surveillance cameras in your security system, follow the link to learn more!

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