Remote Working 2020: Why VoIP is your best resort

The spread of Covid-19 has disrupted lives completely. People are stuck at home, many have lost their livelihood, and businesses whose main work relies on communication, are scrambling to find ways to enable remote working for their employees.

In the current times, remote working is the only way to prevent your business from getting affected. And using VoIP services for carrying out communications.

So, today we are going to take a look at how companies can benefit from VoIP in these critical times when businesses are trying to stay operational. For that, the first thing to determine the roles and duties that employees can fulfill while working from home.

Employers are striving to lessen the damaging impacts of the pandemic on both the revenue and productivity while ensuring the health and safety of employees’ well-being.

1. VoIP in Remote Working

To effectively work from home, there is a need for a reliable system of communication. Although VoIP made its way to business many years ago, many have adopted VoIP recently following the outbreak of Covid-19. VoIP stands for Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) technology.

This technique of communication uses the internet to transmit data. Apart from audio, VoIP systems help in transferring files, videos, and images. We all use apps that offer VoIP technology. Some of them are Google Phone, WhatsApp, and Facebook Video/Voice Chat, to name a few.

2. Benefits of VoIP for remote working

Now, let’s take a look at how businesses can boost their remote working with VoIP and why it is the best way to carry out business operations during this quarantine period:

a) You can work from anywhere

One of the main benefits of using VoIP is that you can enjoy a great deal of office functionality, as you would have in your workplace. Of course, the employee must have a P.C./laptop along with a reliable internet connection. This way, they can efficiently perform their regular duties and tasks.
Also, this allows companies to operate even though the offices are lockdown. Depending on the type of business, of course.

b) Find me Follow me Feature

With VoIP’s follow me feature, employees can boost their efficiency as well as response time to the customers if they are in the customer support department. This feature allows the customer to call the softphone or mobile phone is the agent is not available. This way, customers can always reach you that boost the operations.

c) Conference Calls & Chat Rooms

Since there are restrictions on the gathering of people, business events and meetings have been canceled everywhere. And when you run a global business, you need to collaborate often and discuss business matters.

However, with the collaborative features of VoIP, workers can easily have virtual meetings using the conference call facility that lets you create a virtual conference room. And all the team members are present at the same time, irrespective of their location.

VoIP works on Service as a Software (SaaS). This technology enables businesses to use the cloud for hosting the necessary software. These abilities and features of VoIP make it all a lot easier to work from home.

Also, cloud service successfully eliminates the need for flash drives and storage devices that could pose a threat to the security of sensitive business data.

d) No need for on-site communication equipment

Since business VoIP systems are hosted, this means that you don’t have to fret about the maintenance of any heavy on-site equipment. Also, this ensures that you have easy access to your remote employees who are working from home and other different locations.

3. AxVoice Business VoIP Service

If you want to know of an affordable VoIP service that also offers a good range of features, AxVoice VoIP service is going to be a choice you won’t regret. It is one of the cheapest VoIP service businesses can use to manage calls. The Service offers local and long-distance calls at affordable dirt rates compared to local landline and other VoIP service providers.

The best thing about AxVoice is that you can customize your VoIP phone according to your requirement. Let’s take a look at why AxVoice ranks among the best VoIP service:

a) Boost Business Operations

You can significantly improve business functionality with AxVoice VoIP as it streamlines all of your calls and other communication processes. You could either use your existing phone number to get a new number for it.

The options of packages are plenty for the U.S. and Canada, depending on your business needs, of course. The Service offers numerous calling plans for international calls.

b) Affordable

AxVoice comes cheap, considering the calling rates that it provides. Using a landline system for long-distance calls could break your bank. Other services might charge you for using advanced features, but not AxVoice. They come with the Service.

c) Integration with Office Systems

You can easily integrate VoIP with the applications and software that you use as work, including CRM, desktop support, and emails. This makes it all the more convenient to access contacts and manage calls.

d) Access through Computer and Smartphone

VoIP allows you to manage your calls on the go. You can take your calls anywhere and use the features remotely from your computer or even your phone. There is no need for you to remain hooked to your desk, whether you are at work or continue working from home. You can both make and take calls on your smartphone.

All you need to do is install a third-party app on your phone. You can use the minutes from the subscribed plan.

e) Easy Call Divert

You can get your calls directed to your office, desk, or mobile, no matter where you are. The calls get routed to your available locations so that you never miss a call. This boosts customer satisfaction significantly.

Since your number follows you wherever you are, there is no rush or hassle of returning calls or replying to voicemails. All calls get to you, and you can respond to them timely.

Here are some other benefits of employing AxVoice VoIP for your business:

  • AxVoice is easy to use.
  • The call quality remains excellent, no matter it is local or long-distance.
  • AxVoice offers a 15-day money-back guarantee.
  • Customer service is excellent.
  • Codec functionality allows you to lower your bandwidth for consistent call quality if your internet connection acts out.
  • The Service offers more than 30 calling features.
  • You could use your existing number for using the AxVoice VoIP or get a new one.

4. Installation

VoIP solely relies on an internet connection, so make sure that you have a secure and good quality internet connection. Then, you need a modem or a router to connect your VoIP phone to the internet. The company is going to send you the hardware equipment once you subscribe to the Service, and it will also include an ATA (Analog Phone Adapter), a power adapter, and an Ethernet cable.

You may need the adapter in case you decide to use a regular phone. And if you plan to use an I.P. phone, there is no need for an adapter. For a regular phone, you need to connect your phone to the port that will be labeled Line 1 or Line 2. Now, connect one end of the Ethernet cable to the adapter and the other to the modem/router. That’s it. Your setup process is done.

5. Pricing Plans for Business VoIP

AxVoice provides a good range of business plans for both small- to medium-sized businesses. In addition to this, there is also a subscription plan for home offices. So, it is a feasible option for businesses to carry out their communications smoothly and affordably during this time when all companies and businesses are trying to minimize their losses.

Check out the table below:

Business Plan Details Price
Small Business
  • 1500 outgoing minutes to anywhere in the U.S. and Canada
  • All features available
  • Free equipment for installation
Home Office (SOHO)
  • 200 outgoing minutes to anywhere in the U.S. and Canada
  • All features available
  • Free equipment for installation

6. Wrapping Up

With AxVoice VoIP, your business communications don’t have to suffer. Our features are designed in the best way possible to assist remote working without compromising on the compromising on service quality.

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