If you don’t understand the power of integrating Artificial Intelligence (AI) into your digital marketing campaigns, suddenly you’re dropping out on TONS of opportunities.

AI technology can help you streamline and optimise your digital marketing tasks and, in turn, improve customer experiences with your brand and boost your conversions and sales.

However, AI goes beyond automating your digital marketing workflows. It plays a considerable role that will continue to shape the future of digital marketing for you and the global business landscape.

In this post, we’ll look at the role of AI technology in digital marketing and how this can supercharge your marketing efforts and your business.

1. A quick overview of AI in digital marketing

There are several principal ways you can use AI to enhance your digital marketing.

The first is applying AI to your backend marketing processes to implement programmatic ad purchasing, develop customer profiles, and forecast product demands (among others).

The second method is to use AI technology on the client-facing aspects of your digital marketing to improve the customer experience, boost satisfaction, and ultimately increase your sales.

For instance, AI can automate and supercharge lead generation for various businesses, from e-commerce to the auto industry.

As such, automation increased leads for a car dealership by 33% despite the pandemic crisis.

AutoLeadStar CEO Aharon Horwitz says in an episode of the Inside Auto Podcast, “You require to estimate right now for so many variables in the information when you’re trying to target buyers on the Internet.

At any provided instant, there could be 90 million searches from people attending to buy a car at some point, let’s say in the next six months…We need to figure out that gigantic possibility that’s out there: “How do you figure out which of those people is most likely to buy soon? What’s the message that they need?

How do you know where to invest or wherever not to finance?” You could try to do that manually, but a great time ago, outside of the auto, people realised that’s got to happen through industrialisation and into the types of tools that are bucketed under AI. In auto, that’s coming in now, and we are leading the way in that.”

2. How AI is revolutionising digital marketing

AI can transform how you collect, analyse, and apply data to optimise your digital marketing strategies.

Below are several other use cases and benefits of integrating AI technology into your digital marketing processes.

a. Optimise your email marketing

Data shows that personalised emails can potentially deliver six times higher transaction rates compared to generic messages.

Personalisation is an essential aspect of digital marketing, but it requires a lot of time and resources to get it right.

For instance, to personalise your email content, you’ll need to segment your contacts, create messages tailored to each group, and test out several variations to know which ones get the best conversions and returns.

With AI, you can automate critical parts of this process.

Some email marketing platforms can generate automated product recommendations you can include in your email campaigns.

The platform’s AI technology creates relevant product recommendations and engaging messages based on user behaviour and other actions.

AI in email marketing solutions can also predict and recommend the types of email campaign designs, images, messaging, and subject lines that can drive the best results.

This can keep you weights of time and effort while ensuring you deliver the right message to your target audience at the best time, optimising your email marketing campaigns.

b. Streamline your content creation

While content marketing has enormous potential to get you significant ROI, it can also be a massive drain on your resources. Plus, it often takes time before you start seeing significant returns.

With the help of AI, collecting customer data to inform, personalise, and create your marketing content doesn’t have to be resource-draining and laborious.

For instance, reliable AI-powered content marketing platforms can help you manage and create your campaigns, from ideation and content creation to distribution.

Instead of going through this process manually, the AI technology can generate your content for you, and in half the time it would take your team to accomplish it.

Provide a campaign brief and validate and refine the AI’s generated content and other marketing materials with your team and you’re good to go.

With AI, you can produce content more efficiently and scale your content marketing campaigns with ease.

c. Allow real-time customer support.

Data shows that 82% of customers want immediate responses to their queries.

Resolving client queries and problems is crucial in improving the customer experience, boosting your brand’s reputation and credibility, and generating new leads (among others).

After all, you’re not likely to succeed with your digital marketing efforts if you deliver disappointing customer interactions, such as failing to answer customer queries about your products and services promptly.

AI chatbots on your social media channels and website let you handle potential and current customer communication simultaneously, 24/7. This helps ensure you don’t miss engaging and generating new leads while providing timely and excellent customer service.

Doing all this manually is often tedious and almost impossible. However, AI technology allows you to automate the process of connecting with and nurturing your leads until they are ready for hand-over to your sales reps for closing.

d. Automate analysing and predicting user behaviour

AI can automate analysing past user behaviour and predicting your existing and new customers’ future behaviours.

For example, data management and customer relationship management platforms with AI functionalities can automatically gather, organise, and analyse data for you.

This streamlines getting valuable insights from your customer, marketing, sales, and customer data to determine performance, success (and failures), and areas for improvement.

For instance, AI can speed up identifying leads with the most potential to convert, which channels they come from, and the strategies you implemented that led to this result.

You’ll also get more accurate information since automated data processing can eliminate the chances of human error.

With AI, you can optimise predicting your marketing ROI and creating your sales forecasting, making your data analysis more efficient.

3. The bottom line to AI in digital marketing

AI is an absolute game-changer for digital marketing. It can automate and optimise your digital marketing internal workflows and customer-facing processes, saving you and your team from tedious, manual, and often resource-draining tasks.

This leads to streamlined marketing strategy implementation, better returns, and faster business growth.

Find the right AI-based tools that seamlessly automate critical parts of your digital marketing processes to supercharge your marketing, including your sales and customer service operations.