Like all athletes, E-sport professionals make a careful choice on their high-performance PCs, the combination of gaming mouse and keyboard, as well as other accessories. The keys must meet the needs of responsiveness and comfort. Gaming keyboard models abound on the market with different prices depending on everyone’s budget.

Besides the price-performance ratio, the amateur or professional gamer must make his choice from the type of keyboard that suits him: mechanical or membrane. The size of the device must also be taken into account to facilitate the positioning of other peripherals. The self-sufficiency of the keyboard comes into play if it is wireless, and there are many additional features if you have a large budget.

1. The type of keyboard

  • Mechanical
  • Membrane

Under each key of a mechanical keyboard, there is a switch that facilitates the execution of commands. It is not necessary to fully press the key to get a response, unlike the membrane keyboard, which must be fully pressed. Reactivity time is an essential criterion for optimal performance.

Choose a mechanical keyboard. It’s the best choice. Also, the additional keys can be personalized according to your needs with a wide selection of configurations. If you want to own a functional keyboard for video games, the gaming keyboard is best for you.

Mechanical keyboards are more expensive than membrane ones, and they are quite noisy when you press their keys. Membrane keyboards have the advantage that they do not make any kind of noise when we press their keys.

2. The ergonomics of your keyboard

The space required for the manual must be taken in the proper way for optimal comfort when using. Ergonomics also relates to ease in handling without movement of the wrists. Inches are also generally overlooked in conventional keyboards. The size affects the success rate from one game to another, and all components must be in the right places.

Given the technological advance, a mechanical wireless keyboard is powerful enough for a specific game, and it offers more relaxation of use than a wired keyboard. Generally, it is better to choose a mechanical keyboard to avoid any interruption, such as a lack of efficiency.

Choosing a TKL keyboard “TenKeyLess” format is an exciting option because it is designed for fans of video games. The numeric keypad is removed to minimize clutter on the keyboard. These little tips are decisive during tight routes. You can have more information about choosing the best gaming keyboard.

3. Backlighting system

A backlit keyboard is often associated with optimal visual comfort but is quickly described as unnecessary. A backlight system is necessary when you tend to play late. It shines in a dark room and makes it easier to use. This feature also allows you to customize the keys that light up and those that go out from one game to another. In general, the key often used is “WASD.” Therefore, possibly only the backlit to facilitate handling.

The practice of gaming is very different from office mechanization. Therefore, it requires suitable equipment for the method. In the same way, as the gaming mouse does in its category, the gaming keyboard is appreciated as essential for any gamer. More stylized and more resistant, it also comes with a range of functionalities and aesthetic properties intended to multiply the gaming experience.

4. Best gaming keyboards – find the one that suits you!

  • The best ASUS ROG Claymore gaming keyboard for high-end and customization options.
  • The best Logitech G513 gaming keyboard for its strength and its worked RGB.
  • The best SteelSeries Apex M750 TKL gaming keyboard for its QX2 ultra-fast mechanical switches.
  • Roccat Vulcan 120 PC gaming keyboard.
  • Logitech G910 RGB keyboard.
  • Klim Domination PC gaming keyboard.
  • Corsair K55 gaming keyboard.

5. Buy a gaming keyboard to your taste & budget

Before delving into the analysis of the best references on the market, let’s talk a little about methodology. To establish this comparison, we first consider the technical characteristics, which drew ranges and corresponding price ranges, then look for the products with the best price.

You have to rely on other things on customer and consumer reviews as additional information. Here are the top three best keyboards for gamers.

6. Top 1: The best ASUS ROG Claymore gaming keyboard for high-end and customization options

a) Main characteristics

  • Aura Sync technology for crucial individual backlighting.
  • All keys are programmable, and macro keys are dedicated.
  • We have advanced anti-ghosting N-Key Rollover technology.
  • Compatibility with the ROG motherboard to manage light, overclocking, and fans from the “shortcut” keys on the keyboard.
  • Ability to save profiles for customization of keys and backlight.
  • Resistance structure with aluminum plates.
  • The numeric keypad is removable.

b) User reviews and experiences.

With its many features, this model appeals to gamers, with more than 70% of users giving it the highest rating on the associated purchasing platform. Overall, customers are particularly impressed with the possible modulations like removing the numeric keypad or placing it on the right or left.

It is defining individual preferences for RGB, and the keys and saves them in corresponding profiles. This model proves to be so complete that it can finally be suitable for several players.

c) Editorial opinion

No doubt, it is the most versatile keyboard on top of the best keyboard list! It does not only offer hyper-complete backlight customization, but it also allows you to personalize each key by recording macros on the fly. So many customizations that you can keep. The backlight comes with an extensive palette of customization options.

7. Top 2: The best Logitech G513 gaming keyboard for its robustness and its working RGB

a) Main characteristics

  • Individual backlighting for each key and lighting reaction to game events.
  • Romer-G mechanical switches.
  • Ample, easy-to-maintain handle rest.
  • Brushed aluminum alloy design with aircraft quality.
  • The USB port for gaming mouse and phones.

b) User reviews and experiences

Users are full of praise for this model, with over 65% of gamers giving the highest rating! If the keys require a little practice for beginners, they reveal their full potential in play. The overall quality of the product is also valuable because of its robust design and its many functionalities like RGB, USB, macro keys, etc. It also facilitates wrist relaxation.

c) Editorial opinion

Can we blame the noise of the keys? The use of mechanical switches indeed comes with this drawback but has the advantage of fluidity and speed. The keys require only a little pressure to be activated.

8. Top 3: The best SteelSeries Apex M750 TKL gaming keyboard for its QX2 ultra-fast mechanical switches

a) Main characteristics

  • SteelSeries QX2 mechanical switches with 45g of force are required.
  • Full RGB keyboard with crucial individual backlight and reaction to game events.
  • Aluminum design.
  • Lighting compatibility with other Steel Series equipment.
  • Six programmable macro keys.

b) User opinions and experiences

Gamers are very enthusiastic, with almost 60% giving the maximum rating after purchase. They particularly appreciate the keys even if they recognize that they are at the same time relatively noisy. The counterpart to their speed of typing, many customization options, are also reported as numerous benefits by gamers.

c) Editorial opinion

If noise reduction is an additional improvement to bring to the keys, they also limit perfection as to their speed that low pressure helped necessarily to validate the order. This mechanical keyboard is also versatile since it offers speed and fluidity for both input and video games.


The keyboards mentioned above were the best-rated so far. If you know the function of each keyboard, it would be easy for you to choose the best one for yourself under your budget. Choose a gaming keyboard with the best functionalities and shapes that you can easily handle.