Coastal cities offer a different kind of culture and commerce for both the locals and the tourists, and they make for great places for your short vacation.

Get your hands on some fancy antique finds, and bask in delicious seafood, then you can head over to scenic locations for the weekend. Require a break of the bustle of the highly urbanized city life and head over to Michigan.

1. Things to do in Bay City, Michigan

An important commercial center and cultural point in Michigan, Bay City, makes for a great weekend get-away. With their industries focusing on milling, lumbering, and shipbuilding, the city bustles with various land and water activities to suit each one.

2. Restaurants in Michigan City

A city surrounded by water forms, particularly the Saginaw Bay and Lake Huron, can especially provide great eating experiences. With indoor and outdoor settings and a mix of seafood and classic American cuisine, you will get the feel of the industries of Bay City as it is evident in their interiors and overall Architecture.

3. Movie Theaters in Michigan City, Indiana

Movie Theaters in Michigan City, Indiana

If you are one for simple pleasures, you can catch a film at a theater in Michigan City. Even on regular days, they offer food and drink promos and freebies to enhance the film-watching experience.

4. International Travelers

Suppose you are traveling to the US as a tourist and are still not in possession of a VISA endorsement. In that matter, you will be expected to start processing your ESTA application us, which will ultimately allow you access to the US.

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5. Lake Michigan Armory

Michigan exudes masculinity with the lines of businesses that thrive here, and if you are particularly interested in firearms, you can pay a visit to the Lake Michigan Armory. You can hunt paraphernalia on their shelves, and if you are staying for a while, you can sign up for their concealed Pistol Licensure classes, which is available every month.

6. Michigan City Events

There is always a good time somewhere in Michigan, especially with their intertwined and involved communities. Together with the locals, you can enjoy good food, fresh produce, local goods, and products, as well as live music played at open-aired locations. Besides these activities, you can head over to the best of their tourist spots on a day tour package.

7. Michigan City Attractions

When in Michigan, your itinerary must include the Old Lighthouse Museum, which exhibits an encapsulation of the city’s maritime history, as well as evidence of shipwrecks and antique pieces.

Another place to visit is the Grand Barker Mansion, a graphic image of a 19th century home. A walk on their beaches and rock gardens at Washington Park can be a shady activity before calling it a day.