In this modern age of globalization, everyone is busy with their work. No one has the time to take care of other’s affairs. Even the parents don’t have enough time to take care of their children.

There are several things scattered here and there to distract the children, and sometimes they can be harmful to their psychological aspects, and even sometimes physically, they can get harmed.

Not only these, but there are also lots of inappropriate content on the Internet, which can hurt the mind of your child. Other than these, there are threats of online hacking and information theft also which can be harmful to your social and financial health too. So it becomes necessary that you keep a close eye on the activities of your child on the Internet.

1. What Adverse Effects can be There?

The Internet was discovered to make various types of information available to people in the world. It is a mine of information. But in the modern days, it is not only confined to the facts and knowledge, but it is also used to deliver entertainment to the home where you can witness lots of entertaining things sitting at your home.

But with these enjoyable and mind attracting things, there are many inappropriate contents also which can be harmful to the people of inappropriate age.

For instance, some days before, there was a game named Blue Whale, which used to bring out all the personal information from the teenagers and then used it to push them for dangerous tasks.

This was an internet-based task game where the admin used to give several functions to the participants, and some of them finished their life too.

This is why the activities of your child on the Internet should be monitored thoroughly, even if you are in a remote location.

2. Ways to Monitor Your Child’s Activities on the Internet

There are some general ways through which you can monitor the activities of your child on the Internet. For this, you don’t need to be a computer engineer or expert.

Every computer saves the history of the activities that have been gone through, and you can see the history of browsing from there only. There are some models of the router which helps you to access the internet connection and gives you a record of what sites have been visited through the computer and browser.

Searching with the IP address will help you to get access. Not only all these, but there is some software too which allows you to monitor the activities of your child on the Internet.

3. What is Parental Control Software?

Parental control software is a program that can help you to monitor the child’s computer remotely along with smartphones and other devices by your child. Not only this, but parental control software also helps you to control the usage of the Internet through these devices.

Control means the timing of usage along with the extent and content that can be browsed from these devices. It allows you to tie the usage of the Internet of your children and confine the inappropriate content. The parental control software can run on various platforms like the windows, Android, Linux.

It is also capable of working on business-oriented platforms like Blackberry. A remote-access parental control will also allow you to get a real-time update of what your child is accessing through the Internet.

4. Some Best Parental Control Software

Keeping the need of the parents in mind, various companies have made different types of parental control software which give you different kinds of facilities. At the same time, you want to control the activities of your child. Here are some of the best parental control software that you can go through before buying one.

a) Spyzie

It is one of the best parental control apps for your home computer. It is an app blocker which restricts the usage of certain apps from your PC. It also helps you to curb unwanted advertisements to enter your PC or laptop or android phone. You can also have access to your computer from a remote location.

This also allows you to restrict the calls and their duration. You can set a stipulated time for your child to use the devices in the absence of you. It also acts as a GPS tracker, which helps you to track the movement of your children.

b) Qustodio

This app is usable on various platforms like Windows, macOS, iOS, Android. This app is easy to use, and it gives you intuitive access to your home PC. Through this, you can manage the dashboard, which includes the management of your social media activities.

Qustodio helps you to limit access to the Internet along with the device through which it has been accessed. It can also apply a real-time internet filter, which is useful while you want to block some of the particular sites even if you are using the private browsing mode.

c) Kidlogger

You can covertly control the usage of your home PC by your child and also can track a history of their browsing. It will automatically help you to take screenshots secretly, and your ward will not be able to understand that.

If it is installed on a smartphone, then it can track the number from which the call came and follow the contact.

A premium version of Kidlogger will help you to monitor social media conversations also. This app is comfortable to operate in Windows, Android, macOS along with Blackberry, iOS.

d) K9 Web Protection

It is one of the best parental control apps for your home PC. Not only this, but it also helps you to access the usages of smartphones by your kids.

This allows you to access the computer from a remote location too, which will enable you to get better control of the internet usages of your children. This helps you to get a real-time situation, restrict time duration, and block various apps and websites.