The expansion of the world of Information Technology, or IT, can be likened to a Big Bang. 80 years of technological advancement in computers has led us to the point of intricate computer science.

And as this world has steadily unfurled, so too has people’s technological dependency, necessitating a market of highly specialized jobs. There are many jobs in IT today, and if you’re looking to commit to the field, it pays.

But you must know what job fits your abilities so you can most effectively and beneficially navigate this ever-changing world. Here are the five most popular IT jobs in high demand that are ready for your time and consideration.

1. Information Security Analyst

Information Security Analysts, also known as InfoSec Analysts, play a vital role in an increasingly technological arena. These people rely on technology, the more they entrust devices with sensitive information, which needs adequate, non-stop protection.

InfoSec Analysts protect hackers’ networks through monitoring, investigating violations, various software like encryption programs and firewalls, and audits. You may do direct computer work or manage others entrusted with cybersecurity tasks, but prevention is your goal.

The center yearly salary for an Information Security Analyst is $93,956, and the demand for cybersecurity will increase continually. Most employers want InfoSec Analysts to have a bachelor’s degree, but you can get a job without one.

2. Project Manager

For any company’s IT department to meet and exceed expectations, they need IT managers; there is no department without them. Though there are many names for this position, project managers have a specific yet complexly vital responsibility: the IT department.

Project managers set and achieve IT goals by generating long-term plans, delegating assignments, and organizing operation phases. You will decide personnel needs and hire and distribute workers appropriately to meet the IT goals you set into motion.

These managers require business knowhow since they’re usually not responsible for the coding – they run the IT business side. You make tough decisions to create a company more useful, including making cutbacks and searching for new upgrade opportunities.

The average annual salary is $118,630, and job growth is expected to climb by 10% within eight years. A bachelor’s degree may be required, either in computer science or business, but the business experience is the main hiring factor.

3. Software Developer

Software developers construct the blueprints of technologies people take for granted daily, from webpages to apps to digital calendars. Also known as software engineers, they write and improve code, a laborious responsibility that requires creative innovation and technical savvy.

Software developers expand and innovate various industries, including computer design, educational, finance, manufacturing, medical, military, and scientific fields. You’ll research and create software, including operational specifications and software requirements, and require computer science, engineering, and mathematics mastery.

Software engineering requires extreme concentration, uninterrupted time, and an appreciation for writing code, the most important skill in the industry. Although you work alone, you will also collaborate with clients, managers, and other developers to meet coding goals.

Their average annual salary is $76,526, and a 22% employment growth is estimated to occur within eight years. A bachelor’s degree in computer science will help, but aren’t always necessary, as experience is the most important hiring factor.

4. Computer Programmer

Computer programming represents an essential ingredient in the cornucopia of IT, encompassing various duties that ensure modern technology runs smoothly. After software engineers write and debug code, computer programmers put it into action for multiple software applications and operating systems.

Once software engineers design computer programs, programmers write code, converting those designs into steps a computer can understand and follow. Programmers test software and programs, address and solve any problems until they run perfectly, and update programs already in use.

Computer programmers must be able to work independently and be required to use well in a team environment. You’d usually work for companies specifically designed to write and test software, but opportunities exist in finance and insurance companies.

The programmer’s median salary was $84,280 in 2018, and within a decade, the field is expected to shrink as outsourcing increases. Still, the market presently needs programmers, and a bachelor’s degree ranging from computer science to mathematics to finance are accepted.

4. Web Developer

Everybody uses the internet for different functions, but most people feel the best websites run smoothly and visually appealing. Today, all companies depend on websites that require talented web developers to ensure these pages meet customer needs and desires.

Web developers use code and design strategies to make sure text, images, videos, and other web essentials render correctly. From special effects to search functionality, you would be responsible for the aesthetic pleasure and user-friendly web page functionality.

Web developers can work for an agency, but most designers love to work independently due to the job’s self-sufficient nature. By working independently, you can either freelance or start your own company – both choices let you be your boss.

The median annual salary is $78,435, and job growth is expected to increase by 13% within ten years. Beginners only need an associate’s degree, but a bachelor’s degree will provide the necessary competitive edge to prevail in the market.

5. IT – virtually the best field

There are many important and satisfying jobs in the IT field, which is rapidly growing alongside human interest. But these five jobs represent the very best of the IT world, promising good pay, present demand, and awesome opportunities.

Many higher learning institutions offer the necessary courses for one to achieve relevant experience and, of course, a degree. However, IT is a world of its own, and if you have the talent, dedication, and expertise, you can compete.

If you’re looking for a market that isn’t going anywhere anytime soon, look no further. Submit your application for one of these great jobs in Information Technology and forever change your career for the better.