At corporate events, especially conferences, attendees have several speakers to listen to. And the deciding factor is not always the topic they find the most intriguing. To be precise, an increasing number of company meetings are being hosted virtually.

This is the reason that including conference tech can assist speakers in fine-tuning their presentations and making them stand out. What’s more, when you keep your audiences engaged, it would contribute to the overall success of the conference.

Audience Response Systems are a powerful tool for assessing the understanding levels of the attendees. Interestingly, the introduction of polling has dramatically altered the corporate landscape. On by building a further engaging experience, these tools can help you learn more about guests.

With the implementation of audience response tools, you can gain valuable insights for future meetings too. Therefore let’s get a glance at some of the reasons behind using a polling app in virtual meetings.

1. Why Polling is the New Tech for Conferences?

Why Polling is the New Tech for Conferences

Note that polling makes a virtual session more enjoyable to attend. What’s more, it also assists attendees to retain better the information they hear. It is a generally observed fact that a lot of speakers share thoughts that aren’t usually preferred by the audiences.

With the help of a live polling session, you can streamline your event as per the audience’s preferences. In other words, the inclusion of live polls opens up endless possibilities of Engagement. Furthermore, with the help of live polls, speakers can understand the mood of the audience.

Audience Response Systems facilitates instant understanding of various knowledge levels and bridges the gap between speakers and audiences. Accessing the feedback channels before the onset of the meeting is a great way to set a meaningful plan.

2. Greater Accessibility of Live Polling Apps

One of the critical highlights of live polling apps is that they support cross-platform devices. Moreover, you can use them. You can participate in live polls via a variety of browsers and devices. Developers of live polling apps ensure that the apps designed by them can be accessed from any device.

3. Diversity and Inclusion with Live Polls

With the advent of newer tech platforms, interaction nowadays is not only limited to those in a physical office. To be precise, dispersed workforces are a reality in today’s context of the connected world.

Therefore also, if your employees are working from home or across global locations, they can contribute equally to polling apps. Furthermore, you can create anonymous polls with these apps that can help in getting honest feedback.

4. Assists you with Driving Engagement.

Note that old fashioned meetings always have a reputation for being boring. One of the main reasons behind that is the lack of interactivity.

With proper interaction, you can still keep your audiences alert and attentive. With live polls, you can do precisely that by making the employees feel engaged. As a company head, you can easily interact with them anonymously to get their point-of-view. Furthermore, it makes your employees feeling involved in the meeting.
Audiences can ask Questions without any Hesitation.

Somebody invite great questions when there is no form of hesitation. Live polls are quite useful when the context is about getting genuine feedback from the audiences. In other words, individuals or attendees can contribute personally and anonymously.

You can also boost the engagement factor with the deployment of wireless clickers. When used in a meeting, these clickers can encourage a more significant amount of collaboration. A wireless presentation system also promotes ease-of-access among your employees.

For instance, they can walk into the conference room, connect their devices and share their views. When live polling apps and clickers are used in tandem, you can easily recognize topics and concerns that interests the audiences.

5. Helps you to have a Greater Amount of Control

Modern-day audience response apps come equipped with a built-in moderation feature. In other words, the controller would have the complete freedom to regulate the content to be shown to audiences. In this manner, embarrassment and awkward silences can be significantly avoided.

Moreover, the unanswered questions are adequately saved so that audiences can answer them later. You can easily integrate live polls into a browser or a PowerPoint presentation too. So as you can see, live polls are the future of corporate meetings.

6. Avail Measurable Insights

This is another key highlight of using live polls. You can record and document the answers to the polls for further action. Also using live polls can stir interest in the attendees to attend conferences and meetings. What this means is that you get a measurable amount of insights.

By comparing their answers, you can learn interesting stuff about the audience’s mindset. Live polling apps can also make the employees in a particular meeting more agile and attentive. They tend to ask intriguing questions which further contributes to the overall success of the conference.

7. Ways to use Live Polling Apps

Wireless clickers, along with living polls, are relatively easy to include in the conference application. Nowadays, you can invest in independent live polling systems. However, integrating them into your existing conference setup can free up your budget.

For instance, conference organizers no longer have to provide a dedicated polling device for each participant. Employees and attendees can directly install the app on their smartphones which exudes practicality.

This ease of use implies that you can include polling at various session points in a specific live event. Also, you can send the polling data directly to the users at the end of the event. You can make live events more interesting by arranging quizzes. These question and answer sessions can quickly assess the understanding levels of the attendees.

With live polls, there is no need to design web forms and survey questionnaires. Also, polls provide you with instant feedback which is a great feature. Nowadays, a majority of live poll apps store their data on the cloud that can be accessed from anywhere and anytime. So start using a live poll app to get instant feedback and insights from audiences.