Videos are nothing but a piece of code containing information that is put across in the graphical form. This naturally means that even a small bit of change in the code can damage the entire file.

The MKV and MOV video files are no exception. Even good programs such as QuickTime Player can’t open .MOV file, which has severe issues.

If you are in research of clarifications to repair MKV files and MOV files, you are in the right place. Before going into how to fix MKV and MOV files, let’s first see what causes corruption in the videos.

1. How does MKV and MOV files get damaged?

a) Unexpected power off

A video has tiny bits of current signals. Unexpected power failure leads to incomplete or faulty transportation of these signals, ultimately leaving us to find the fix of the MKV file. Having a backup power for the computer you are working on is always a good practice.

Also, when you don’t turn off your machine correctly, you may end up in need of repairing the MKV file. Worse, you may even lose some data.

b) Poor hard disk

A computer splits your file into pieces of 8 bytes and stores them all over the hard disk. Though this is an efficient use of memory space, if there’s one file that’s corrupted, it can damage the entire record, and hence, you will have to perform the MOV repair process.

c) Using an unsuitable media player

Not every media player is meant for every video format. Playing an MKV video on a media player who does not support MKV files, can damage your file. It is best if you use a famous media player who is sure to play MKV files.

d) Erroneous Downloads

A second of interruption in the internet connection or the downloader can cause issues in the entire file you are downloading. Ensure a secure and robust internet connection whenever you are downloading else you will find yourself repairing.MOV files. You can also try downloading the same file again.

e) Server errors

A server is dedicated to online storage where you can store your data. Server errors are quite common and can affect every file stored in there. You must always save your files in a secure environment.

f) Presence of Malware

If a virus resides in your device, it can also corrupt your data. A reliable antivirus will prevent you from all the threats.

g) Faulty conversion

Often when you change a file’s format, if the conversion tool is not up to the mark, it can convert the data into an incompatible size.

h) Disrupted transfer

When your MKV and MOV files are transferred via physical means, i.e., with the help of USB, CDs, DVDs, or HDDs, the data may get damaged if the transfer is disrupted. Improper removal of the USBs and CDs may also leave the file corrupted.

3. How to repair MKV files and MOV files?

Nothing is more frustrating than a corrupted video file. After your dedicated effort to capture your son’s sport’s day program, you end up with a ‘QuickTime can’t open . MOV‘ message! Don’t worry, and Thinks can still get fixed. Here are a few ways by which you can repair corrupt MOV files and MKV files.

4. Use a MOV and MKV repair tool

When you end up with a corrupted video, the best solution to fix it will be to use a repairing tool. It’s right; there are hundreds of improving tools in the market, but unfortunately, not all of them work. The Wondershare Video Repair is one such brilliant tool that can repair both MKV and MOV files.

You need to add the corrupted file and let Wondershare repair it. You can also try some advanced video repair options to obtain the absolute best in the original quality. When even QuickTime doesn’t play MOV files, the Wondershare Video Repair tool can solve the problems.

5. MKV and MOV file repair using VLC

The VLC media player is an example of the most used media player. When you are in for a MOV or MKV fix, you can take some help from the VLC media player as well.

VLC has an automated repair system that can solve all the problems in a corrupt file.AVI extension. Don’t worry, VLC also allows you to convert your file into .AVI. You don’t have to install a separate conversion software. Open your erroneous file and VLC will automatically start the repairing process.

6. Up-to-date your video card drivers

When you are repairing MKV files, also check your video card drivers. If they are not up-to-date, the video might not play on that device. This issue can be solved with a simple up-gradation of the card drivers.

7. Conclusion

Gone are the days when a corrupted video couldn’t be repaired. Today there are various options for fixing the common issues. However, it is a good practice to adopt a few preventive measures. For instance, keep your device protected with efficient antivirus software.

Do not fall in the trap of the free substandard video convertors. They will wind you up with your files in incompatible formats.