Repair jobs are a mess, and it’s not just homeowners who face problems. 

Technicians are also served their fair share of challenges in getting projects done. And the only party guaranteed to win are repair companies that undervalue their employers and handle job orders with a profit-first, service-second mindset. 

That had to change.

Technology always swoops in to make technical jobs hassle-free and more lucrative for everyone. 

1. What’s wrong with the home services industry?

You find countless complaints about home services being overpriced and sloppy on the internet. 

Customers spend hours browsing the web, searching for companies, reading reviews, and making calls. After all, home-related problems can be expensive, and they have a significant impact on a person’s quality of life. 

Find Repair Services Online

With such urgency, homeowners have no choice but to eventually settle for a company or contractor with the most convincing reviews and value propositions. Disregarding the fear of being ripped off with misleading quotes and estimates—without guaranteeing timely or satisfactory service—they know they have to hire SOMEONE sooner rather than later. 

Technicians, on the other hand, are overworked and undervalued despite the degree of expectations coming from both customers and their employers. The amount of admin work they have to fulfill when they get back to the office steals valuable time away from their families. 

This results in a great deal of stress and pressure that only hurt job performance.

Company Grand Comfort understands this, so they developed GC Plus for homeowners and GC Plus Pro for technicians. 

2. What is GC Plus?

Picture this: you’ve been living with leaky pipes for the past few weeks. Even though you receive dozens of spam from HomeAdvisor, you’re putting the repairs off until you find a service provider you can trust. 

With GC Plus, you can consider it problem-solved in seconds. 

GC Plus is an online platform and mobile app that automatically matches you with a local professional with the tools, motivation, and experience needed to complete the job effectively. All it takes is one tap to find a technician. 

The best part is that homeowners receive an accurate and transparent quote for the final job. And if they’re not happy with the results, they’re protected by a money-back guarantee.

How does it work? 

After making the job request, it’ll be up for grabs for professional technicians in their city. The first technician to accept the job will get it. 

You can also use the app to track your project’s job status and the GC technician’s route. Upon completion, you can easily rate and tip your technician straight from the app. 

a. How to use the GC Plus app

Booking a job through the GC Plus app can be done in three easy steps:

  • Step 1: Enter your ZIP code 
  • Step 2: Specify your project
  • Step 3: Choose your desired date and time

3. What is GC Plus Pro?

The GC Plus experience is made possible with its counterpart, GC Plus Pro—the app for technicians. Once a technician is GC+ certified, they can browse and accept jobs in their city without investing time and money in marketing and paperwork. 

GC Plus Pro allows pros to work flexible hours, make more money, and focus purely on delivering excellent service.  

Technicians can view available jobs and the payment for the job in advance and then decide whether to accept. 

GC Plus Pro lets professionals become their boss without high startup costs and business skills. They can work jobs full-time, part-time, or whenever they get a free track from their other day-to-day activities. 

a. How to use the GC Plus Pro app

Technicians only need to sign up and upload the requirements to find jobs with GC Plus Pro, including their profile photo and driver’s license. They can find and accept jobs in their city with upfront earnings when done. 

Both GC Plus and GC Plus Pro can be installed on Android and iOS devices. 

4. Benefits of the Grand Comfort apps

To sum it up, here are the benefits of the GC Plus and GC Plus Pro apps:

a. Upfront pricing

There’s no need to worry about hidden or extra charges when working with a Grand Comfort technician. Homeowners will be provided with a 100% transparent price quote. 

Yes—that means you also won’t have to pay overtime charges if a project takes longer than expected. This makes it easy to stay within your budget, especially if you’re ordering a comprehensive and complex job for home renovations or commercial space projects.

b. Fix it yourself option

Even though Grand Comfort quickly scaled its operations across states, there are still a few areas where on-demand technicians aren’t available. In which case, Grand Comfort lets you book a video consultation with an expert, so you can do things DIY-style. 

The first five minutes of the video consultation are free. If you need more time, you only need to pay $15 for every 15 minutes—that’s $1 per minute. 

c. Convenient booking via website or app

Homeowners can book repair jobs using the GC Plus mobile app or website. 

There’s no need to scan directories or reviews and take risks on contractors you’ve never heard of before. Using the GC Plus “Auto-Match” feature, you can book a professional technician on a schedule that works for you—in less than a minute.

d. Equipment for plumbers

Grand Comfort can provide plumbers with their own wrapped van and top-quality tools to ensure excellent service. They also receive their tablet to help streamline the entire sales process before and during visits.

e. Dedicated support staff

Every GC Plus Pro technician is provided support from dispatchers, marketers, reputation specialists, and scheduling specialists. There’s no need to put together an in-house staff and worry about their salaries. 

This makes it possible for professionals without prior business management knowledge or capital to get their own business off the ground. 


Booking repair jobs will never be the same with GC Plus. 

Using a single interface, homeowners can describe their problems and be automatically matched with a proven technician in their city. 

GC Plus solves everything wrong with the home services industry, from unexpected costs to the hassle of finding a reliable service provider. This proves that no service in any industry should be complicated with the right technology and innovation.