Ask people what the top means to them is, and you’ll get different answers. This is because without an agreed criterion, then people use their values to work out what’s important. It’s the same when you’re trying to hire a custom software development company. What does ‘being the top’ actually mean for you and your business?

1. Market Research for Every Custom Software Development Company

Several market research companies do some heavy lifting for you. They create their Top 20 or even Top 100 lists based on different criteria. This can either cover the top companies in individual countries or globally.

General industry-accepted market research firms include Clutch, TheManifest, Software world and GoodFirms. Of course, there are many more, and each one has their approach and methodology for reviewing every custom software development company out there.

The good thing about the custom software development company lists on Clutch and TheManifest is that they include customer feedback. TheManifest even lists ‘notable projects’ which can be useful for you in terms of comparing with your type of project. However, the manifesto does tend to focus on US companies.

Market Research for Every Custom Software Development Company

On the other hand, SoftwareWorld is very clear on its criteria for each custom software development company they review. These criteria include evaluating teams, past performance and technical ability. For example, SoftwareWorld rates as their top 3: Intellectsoft in California, Merixstudio in Poland and Itransition based in Texas.

In contrast, Clutch rates Spire Digital in Denver, Saritasa in California and Merixstudio as their top 3. Look at the descriptions though for more information and things will quickly become clearer.

2. What’re your Criteria for Hiring a Custom Software Development Company?

Let’s start with understanding what you need first. What kind of business do you have and how big is it? What sort of challenges are you facing? Perhaps you’re considering a complete overhaul of your process.

Alternatively, you might want to implement some new digital solutions for your product or e-commerce teams. You could be looking at inventory management, sales automation and personalization, for example.

Regardless of your goals, it’s essential to know your priorities. Do you value, for example, technical over advisory skills for your custom software development company? Reviewing their portfolio and list of previous clients and case studies should help you make this decision.

What about their project management approach and communication style? Again, getting a sense of what’s important to you will help you shortlist the right custom software development company for your business.

3. The Top Three Frequently Mentioned Companies

Depending on what you need, you’ll come up with a shortlist of perhaps 3 or 5 companies. It might be worth noting that some company names that frequently come up are Door3, Eleks, Syberry Corporation, Dockyard, Emergent Software, Orases and MSLDev. However, having cross-referenced, with no set criteria, the various ‘best of’ lists than these three stands out for different reasons:

  • Merixstudio
  • Icreon
  • Intellectsoft

i. Merixstudio

Poland’s leading custom software development company has a full-stack agile development team. Merixstudio, founded in 1999, is recognized for its communication skills and project management approach. They also offer a range of specialities.

These include, but are not limited to software, back-end, front-end, mobile and web development, Python, Javascript, UX UI Design. They also work well with start-ups as well as enterprises and have over 200 people across Poland, New York and London.

ii. Icreon

Icreon, founded in 2000, is based in New York but has around 350 people across the world. Their team of engineers, developers and designers is renowned for its creativity and strategic insight.

With a strong focus on growth-oriented medium-sized companies, the group supports their clients’ success by combining technology with strategic technology and mobile/web app and software development.

They partner with their clients to build on current IT systems and develop sustainable solutions for the long-term.

iii. Intellectsoft

Based in California, with several subsidiaries, this custom software development company was founded in 2007 and today has about 1000 people.

Their speciality is providing cutting-edge technologies including blockchain, Internet of Things and Artificial Intelligence. Overall, they pride themselves on dealing with complex issues, and they tend to work with global and Fortune 500 companies.

4. Final Words on the Top 3 Custom Software Development Company List

Regardless of your needs and the criteria you decide on, you’ll find the right company that can partner with your business.

These companies won’t just be pushing their products and services onto you. They’ll engage and collaborate so you can share your future success. Ask them your questions and follow the proper process with your set of problems. You’ll then be able to shortlist your own top 3 companies and compare them properly.

However, the three listed here give you an idea of what’s out there. You’ll see that their style and offers are very different, which hopefully gives you the confidence that you’ll find what you need.

Go through the list for yourself and check-in with your team, and you can’t go too wrong. Then, it’s up to you and your partner to make it work and find the best solution to drive your business forward.