Music not only entertains us yet also helps us when we want to relax or focus. Have you ever noticed when you feel low and listen to music, it makes you fresh and energetic? According to the latest study, listening to music in your depressed hours is a kind of therapy that can lift one’s mood and help a person get out of depression and anxiety.

If I share my personal experience whenever I feel low, the only two things I do is falling asleep and listening to music. They both help me in my weak hours. To find the fact behind this music theory, I researched a lot and concluded that music truly assists in coping with depression and anxiety. Moreover, it improves the listener’s focus when you listen to music while performing any job.

Today, with this advanced digital technology, one doesn’t need to purchase music albums from stores. A lot of applications and websites are available for this purpose. You can convert any music video into mp3 to listen to it offline. Visit to convert your files into mp3 and to find more websites check the following list:


FLVTO has made downloading more comfortable for us, and one can easily convert any video of youtube to mp3. This website allows you to convert any video from different platforms of online streaming to mp3. FLVTO is free to use and lets one enjoy his/her favorite songs in the background while working.

Feel free to use this YouTube converter on any device. Whether you are operating MacOs, Linux, or Windows, you can convert your favorite videos to MP3. This tool lets you listen to your music tracks anywhere without video. Click on and enter the link of the video to convert it to Mp3.

2. aTube Catcher

This tool is used for a dual purpose; it allows you to download any video file and convert it to MP3. aTube Catcher provides you with the option of converting a video into MP3 in three different options. This tool also comes with a sound recorder. This app’s fantastic feature makes it an excellent tool for downloading or converting any YouTube videos or any other site. It allows you to listen to the saved files on your computer and mobile phone.

3. Free Video Converter

This application is considered the effective one when one comes to convert any video file into MP3. It is simple to do and gives you different features that help in conversion. You can even use this tool to download your favorite video file from YouTube. Where this converter has made converting easier, it also ensures superior HD quality of the converted file.

4. ClipGrab

This one is also considered the top conversion tool that helps you download any YouTube file and convert it into MP3. It gives a quick and straightforward method of conversion with the best quality. It is quick and easy to use. ClipGrab not only lets you convert a file downloaded from YouTube but also the other website.