When working as a general contractor, it’s essential to keep your customers satisfied with your work. This means being available to take feedback, to stay in touch with your clients, and to set deadlines that make sense and are achievable. This extra effort can set you apart from the rest of the crowd and increase your chances of repeat customers.

Here’s how you can increase customer satisfaction in your business and boost your reputation.

1. Could you give them a clear idea of the job?

Before you start working on a project, providing your customers with a clear sense of how big a job it will be is essential. What seems like a good idea to them might not be feasible when it comes down to the number of hours you need to work or the materials that will be required.

You can set expectations with a CRM for construction and provide them with an audit of how much time and money you think it will cost to complete the job.

2. Keep them updated on materials.

Nothing is more shocking than receiving a bill with a list of expenses you weren’t planning for. Your customers might not be aware of how much materials can cost, and if they leave that entirely up to you, they might be in for a rude awakening.

Please give them a clear idea of how much you think it will cost to purchase materials and update them after every visit to the hardware store to keep track of the overall costs.

3. Stick to deadlines

Deadlines are essential for any industry but can be even more so for those looking to create satisfaction in their contracting business. If you have a reason to become a deadline, make sure that you explain it to your clients beforehand, so they aren’t surprised when the day passes, and you are not yet finished with a project.

However, you can do the best thing to show that you respect your customers’ time and money by trying to complete whatever work that needs to be done on time.

4. Ask for feedback

Another mistake that many general contractors make is not asking for feedback regarding their customers’ experiences. You can be done this in various ways, including sending out a survey, calling your customers up, or meeting in person.

It can be as formal or as laid back as you would like, but it should address any issues customers might have had with your work and where you can improve in the future. Do not be scared to ask them to be honest—it can only make your business better.

5. In summary

Creating a contracting business that caters to your customers is one of the best things you can do to build loyalty. For those who want to create a good reputation, thinking about your customers’ needs is the first step toward making a business successful.