Sometimes, when you have removed important files, and you cannot find them in the recovery bin, and the backup function hasn’t worked, you don’t have time to look for options. It all depends on how fast you recover the needed materials. If they are rewritten, they are lost forever.

That’s why don’t waste your time reading all the reviews in the search for the best data recovery tools, just use the best data recovery software. This is the best option if you want a quick and efficient result.

In our Disk Drill review, we will check what you can count on and whether the main features are paid or free.

1. Disk Drill: Top Reasons to Select It

Of course, you would say that there are tools that can serve to save lost files. However, if you compare the popular ones, you will see that Disk Drill offers some benefits.

a) User-Friendly Interface

It is not clear what the reason is but many really good file recovery tools don’t have a user interface. Some of them are incredible indeed, but the majority of ordinary people just cannot use them.

Disk Drill offers a super convenient user interface. You won`t have any issues using this proven and best data recovery software for PC. Everything is explained in detail. Every procedure can be performed just by following appropriate instructions.

b) Capabilities to Recover Files Are Amazing

Capabilities to Recover Files Are Amazing

You would for sure expect the best professional data recovery software for Windows something like this. And Disk Drill doesn’t disappoint your expectations:

  • It checks all the hidden spaces of your device disk and recovers almost all the file formats, more than 400 of them.
  • The tool’s flexibility is amazing. The scanning procedure might last long, sometimes, a couple of hours. You can pause it anytime and then, resume when you have time.
  • You can customize every search. You can select files to be searched based on their format. You can let the tool scan all the files.

c) Protection for the Most Important Files

Protection for the Most Important Files

The best data recovery software always offers something for additional protection for the most valuable information. In the case of Disk Drill, this option is called Recovery Vault.

You can customize it based on what you need. This special feature can be compared with a Recycle Bin, but in this case, it is used not for deleted files to keep them temporarily, but as a storage place for the most important files in case they are lost or damaged.

If you want to save data, pick one of these two software McAfee vs Norton. With this help, you can protect your data easily and safely.

d) It Can Save Your Files Even if They Were Stored on an External Device

The best free data recovery software for Windows works for external devices, too. And Disk Drill manages it! It is required you to connect your external device to your PC and start the tool.

Then, just perform a usual recovery procedure, but instead of a local disk, select the external device from which the files have disappeared.

2. Video Tutorial

3. Final Thoughts

You might still argue that all these features are offered by many tools that you can find online. We don’t mind, many items offer some features. However, we have checked carefully and we are sure that the entire set is offered by Disk Drill only.

We haven’t seen a tool that offers for free an additional feature to protect crucial data. As well, the most advanced algorithms for data recovery processes aren’t applied in all the free tools. All these options you can use without paying a single cent.