Software development is an evolving field that gets updated every following month. Therefore, to become a good software developer, one must keep an eye out for probable trends that may shift the market in the future.

Here are a few latest trends that will persist in the coming year, and you need to keep these trends in mind if you want to be a successful developer.

1. Cloud expansion

Cloud-based companies can survive in all conditions and can operate their business online smoothly. Therefore, cloud-based networks will eventually overpower the industry.

Moreover, every company faced backlashes in covid; they learned the lesson to transform their business model and make it available online.

2. User experience is crucial.

The fates of many new businesses depend on how users experience while using the app. A good app with simple instructions is always favoured over a more complex one. Therefore, one needs a good front-end development team to create a perfectly user-friendly interface for their applications.

3. No contact interface

With covid restrictions, the world’s businesses have faced new challenges, and one of these new challenges is to build a no-contact business model. Thus, software developers play an essential role in this regard.

Therefore, these people demand creating contactless services, cloud migration, and providing DevOps-based activities.

4. E-commerce software solutions

Nowadays, e-commerce websites are in demand everywhere, and one needs to build flawless software to manage their business online. However, one can quickly get such software solutions on websites such as

5. Blockchain Technology

We all have seen the upheavals created by cryptocurrency in the investment market. However, these cryptocurrencies use a technology known as blockchain technology which offers a secure monetary transaction.

Therefore, many businesses are preferring blockchain technology for their companies too.

6. Artificial intelligence is the future.

From a surge in demands, it is evident that AI will choose many software development projects as it can make automated query resolution software. Therefore, we can undoubtedly see AI becoming popular in the software development sphere these days.

7. Cybersecurity is a must.

With the increasing trend of online business, one should also be aware of all the harms it carries with itself. Cloud breaches are a common threat when one relies on the cloud for their business. An increase in the spread of 5G connectivity increases the risk as we are unaware of the potential dangers it carries.

Security from various things such as online phishing and frauds led big companies to rethink their cybersecurity. Therefore, Cyber insurance is also on a spike, and we might see this trend increasing rapidly in 2021.

8. Data analysis tools

With increasing startups and old companies gaining new customers, daily data is piling up more than ever. Therefore, a company needs to have software to manage big data. Software with good data analysis tools will help companies in cleaning and sorting their data.

Therefore, In-memory computations, a data analysis tool that speeds up the decision-making process of companies and allows them to work spontaneously, are in high demand.

9. Progressive web application

Every company wants to develop software that is platform-independent and can work on all the given platforms. Progressive web applications allow companies to build platform-independent apps flawlessly, thus reducing the workload of creating each operating system separately.

10. Python is gaining prominence.

Although Java script is still dominant in various apps, one cannot deny the increasing popularity of Python as a programming language. Therefore, software developers need to pay attention to this fact and upskill themselves according to the changing market.