Are you underutilizing the potential of the magic platform that has made 1 billion active users in just eight years? Instagram has become a new battlefield for brands struggling to make their presence and a goldmine for those who have already succeeded in implementing their marketing strategies.

You would have scrolled up hundreds of promotional ads, and with some, you would not be able to resist but shop. Instagram is a new home to the marketing agency Toronto that not only helps in reaching out to a large customer base but also measures the engagement over each post.

As a digital marketer, it is your prime task to attract social followers and thereby go beyond the rules of traditional advertising. With the perfect marketing strategy, you can get people to start talking about your brand and spread the word. Do you wish that people should buzz around your products and services, then start leveraging the potential of User Generated Content (UGC)?

In this piece of Content, we have listed down ways by which you can bring the audience into the marketing funnel and engage them in a variety of ways.

1. But before we jump into the ways, let us first understand what UGC is.

User-Generated Content is the words that the real audience speaks about your product or brand by posting a photo, video, or review. It can also refer to the discussions, or testimonials left by them over your brand page. In simple words, you need your audience to talk about your brand, just like their own.

If you wish to know how and where you will begin, here is your answer.

2. Ways to use UGC smartly for Instagram:

a) Pick up a #Hashtag:

Pick up a #Hashtag Instagram

Might look like a no-brainer strategy, but the real test of the #Hashtags lies in creativity and being involved in healthy competition. We understand that, if you are on Instagram, you would have already thought of implementing it, but not all best fitness Hashtags succeed just like the #OverDesignChallenge or Starbucks #RedCupContest.

The reason is while fulfilling the #Hashtag strategy, you need to define the rules for the post, ask the audience to add followers, give a reward, and thus create a teaser. You would be surprised to know that hashtags have a 70% faster follower rate.

A significant advantage of doing the #Hashtags is, you can easily keep an eye on the number of submissions. By being super clear about your presentations, you can quickly get going with the numbers.

b) Indulge them in a Question:

Asking your audience some funny and engaging questions is undoubtedly a sure-shot way to bring in more followers. This is a great way to address their odds and show them that you care about their presence. However, while posting a question, make sure that the items are thoughtful and are not repeated regularly. Don’t sound negative or frame negative questions and get featured on Instagram.

c) Collaborate with the influencers:

Often than before, we see celebrities engaging themselves in promoting a product on social media. And trust us, this strategy has great potential in bringing in more customers. However, just like a brilliant web design by a web designing company in Toronto, comes with a price, celebrity endorsement or collaboration with micro-influencers also needs funds and budget distribution.

Depending on the type of brand or industry, you have your business in, seek out a local partner and create a mutually-beneficial marketing campaign. Ask them to share their story of getting associated with the brand and the experience they have after using the product.

Your potential audience would love to see their products used by their favorite Instagram celebrities on screen, and thereby this strategy shall work best for you.

d) Reshare, Repost:

If your UGC can capture masses of people, it is the right time to show the world your genuineness. Your true fans will fall more for you by looking at the glowing Content on social media. When people start raving about you, please give them the limelight and thereby expand your reach of potential and valuable customers.

You can attach a cause to your Instagram posts:

The audience usually gets more attached to the jobs that have a purpose attached to them. A great example of this strategy is the Hydro Flask brand. They smartly provided information about how the globe is getting destroyed due to the use of plastic and thereby asked people to reduce its usage to save mother Nature. Their single post grabbed hundreds of thousands of viewers who joined them later in the cause.

e) Repost the video tutorials:

Repost the video tutorials Instagram

The best way to boost engagement on Instagram is to show the world how your product can be used in real life and what effect it has on the body. If done well, the product in action and a well-conceptualized video deliver more information in-depth than anything else.

Additionally, such videos have a higher chance that the post is likely to be saved and watched later on Instagram. So as soon as you see your Instagram post shared or protected by a user, understand that the strategy is working and you are growing.

We wish that your basics are clear on how to boost engagement using UGC. while doing this, ensure that you give the best browsing and customer experience while they land on your page to explore the options.