Kodi, the free media player software platform, is used by a lot many people all over the world to watch their favourite content. Many people use addons with this platform to get their desired movie, tv-show, or any other content right to their screen.

Exodus has remained a very popular addon used by a lot of people. It served a variety of useful content and was the favourite of users for a long time, but it has been discontinued, so users are forced to find a new addon.

If you are also one looking for an equal match to Exodus, then you have reached the right destination as we have brought five excellent Kodi Exodus Alternatives to fulfil your needs. Just have a look at them and install anyone to watch your favourite content over it. For safe and fast movies watching in any country and region, we recommend using these free VPN services for Fire Stick.

1. Covenant

Those of you who use Kodi regularly must be familiar with Covenant or might have heard its name as it is also a popular addon that a lot of people use. It got disappeared a while back but was relaunched by a new developer. People got disappointed when it went but were happy when they saw a new, polished version returning.

This addon is famous for TV shows and movies. Navigation to the various content files is simple, and there are filters too, which will take you to the exact content that you are looking for. You will forever find what you are viewing for on it as Covenant works with several different content providers, and there will always be a working link for sure.

You have to install the extension and start using it as an alternative to Exodus.

2. Movie Theatre Butter

It is another good alternative for Exodus, which you can use. Movie Theatre Butter provides access to Tv shows, movies, web series, documentaries, and much more content. You will get anything you are studying for sure, seeing the ample amount of content that it has.

It has the ‘Auto-play’ feature, which most other addons don’t have. You will get a lot of links to pick from for particular content, so if one is not working, you can always go for the second or third one.

3. Incursion

Incursion is a perfect addon that you can use. It resembles Exodus in several ways, so people feel that they are using Exodus only.

It has rich and straightforward (User Interface) UI/UX. People find it very easy and convenient to use it, and they can get to their favourite content very quickly. You will get any tv show or movie that you are looking for. Navigation is straightforward, and the main menu provides you with clear information on the categories and sub-categories.

Filters perform efficiently for members to filter out the various options and go for the desired content that they are looking for. You need to install the extension and start using it.

4. Placenta

For using these extensions, you should say thank you to the developers of the Kodi community who put hard efforts to bring them out. There are many developers in the community who work effortlessly to get the best and polished version of the addon so that users can enjoy it in the best manner.

The placenta is the creation of one such highly active member of the Kodi community. It shares the same core with Exodus but has a lot many different contents too. Cartoons, documentaries, movies, tv shows, fitness videos are available on it.

You will find very few add-ons that can provide you with cartoons, so if you love watching cartoons, then you can get this addon installed. All the links are working so you won’t have the wrong time getting a link that is not working; install it and enjoy your favourite content.

5. UK Turk Playlists

Another perfect addon is this one: UK Turk Playlists. You will find a good number of contents over here of different categories. Whether you are looking for movies, sports, tv shows, or concerts, you will get all of this here. As the name implies, you will also get a particular section of Turkish movies and tv channels too.

Developers and active members of the community keep on adding new content to it so you will always get a lot of variety to choose from. Also, the technical team keeps on updating it to fix the bugs and for bringing new features to it. So, we can say that you will have a good time using this well-maintained extension.

So, here were the best Kodi Exodus alternatives of the current time that you can explore and get them installed to watch your favourite content smoothly and seamlessly anytime. Go for anyone as all are good and used by users across many countries.

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