Are you struggling with acne? You’re not alone, millions of people worldwide deal with acne regularly, and most of them have been for as long as they can remember. Acne is like diabetes, you have to undergo regular treatments for it, or it gets worse.

It’s a lifestyle disease. You will have to mold your day to day activities and will have to introduce a skincare regimen in it. If you suffer from acne, you already must have a whole arsenal of different products in your bathroom cabinet, which might help at first, but nothing seems to work to fruition.

Abrasive scrubs can worsen your acne and make them swollen and bright red. On the other hand, astringent cleaners will strip your skin off of oil, resulting in an itchy, dry, and tight skin.

About 60 million people in the U.S. alone are affected by acne. From minimal breakouts to ugly cystic bulges, they have everything, and around 20% of these people have acne so bad that they’ll get blemishes and scars. If you do what many suffer from acne, then the next bit of information is for you.

Invest in a professional face steamer machine, period. You can buy face steamers online quickly and without denting your wallet. These nifty little devices can help you get rid of acne in no time. Of course, you’ll have to follow a healthy skin care regimen too.

Why will you be able to get rid of acne using a portable mini facial steamer?

1. Cleanses the blocked pores

Get rid of acne by using a face steamer

Blocked pores are the most common cause of acne, and steam helps your skin’s pores loosen up and relax, flushing all the gunk and goop inside. If left blocked, these pores become cesspools of acne, causing bacteria later and are the sole cause of blackheads and whiteheads.

Beauty facial steamers can also soften the blackheads, especially the nasty hardened ones, making it easy to get rid of them.

2. Increases the flow of blood on the face

Mini portable steamers work by perspiring the face. This dilates the blood vessels to increase the flow of blood to your look significantly. Steam also lowers your blood pressure and encourages your pores to sweat.

This is a natural body response known as thermoregulation; it is your body’s innate ability to keep a constant temperature.

3. Healthy skin cells

When you improve blood circulation to your face, you are also boosting the rate at which oxygen and nutrients flow to your face. This fresh supply of blood flushes waste products too, which improves your skin’s overall health.

These extra nutrients ensure that your cells are carrying out their functions to their optimal capacity and at an enhanced rate. The flushing out of waste products and toxins combined with the increased blood flow will help your skin become more resilient to fighting acne, causing bacteria, thus, fewer breakouts.

4. Will make your skin more permeable.

Steaming your face will make your skin much more relaxed and will increase its permeability. When you use topical acne medications after cooking, these medicines will penetrate deeper into your skin and work more effectively.

5. Hydration

Professional face steamer machines use nano steam, which can hydrate your skin ten times more effectively than regular steam. Nano steam has far smaller particles and will cover much more surface area of your skin.

It doesn’t take too much time either, modern beauty facial steamers heat up very quickly, and the sessions are quick. All you need is a five-minute session with your steamer to hydrate your skin.

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