Managing tons of electronic files seems to be requiring so much of your time and an enormous amount of effort. It’s right for people who don’t have enough skills to do the job, as well as the right tools to use. However, technological advancement has significantly helped many websites to produce different agencies and services for free.

One of these online platforms for effective file organization and management is GogoPDF. It comes with a set of specialized online tools that you can access and use for your electronic files. To get to know about these tools, read more information below to find out.

1. Converting Electronic Files

The file converter of GogoPDF will allow you to transform your existing files into other formats. Hence, you can convert Excel, Word, and PowerPoint to PDF in no time. Besides that, you would also know how to convert PDF to JPG when you want this to be your resource material for the task or project you’re working on right now.

Visit the GogoPDF website to find other file formats you can convert that your next file activities might need in the future. Hence, the GogoPDF platform will be a big help for your file needs. It’s because it uses a smart conversion system to manage the conversion process as quickly as possible.

2. Merging PDF Files

A well-organized computer file folder will significantly contribute to a healthier working environment. Otherwise, it’ll give you stress while looking at your PDF files scattered all over your computer or smartphone screen. That’s why the PDF merger of GogoPDF will surely help you avoid this from happening in the future.

Hence, you may combine two, three, or more PDF documents into one PDF file—files in the office merge and those you use for leisure, business, and other purposes. By doing so, you’ll quickly locate, retrieve, view, and use the specific PDFs you need in the future.

3. Protecting PDF Files

Unwanted access and unauthorized use of PDF files are common problems that most users have encountered for many years. It’s an alarming activity because all of the information your PDFs contain might be put at risk. For this reason, the way to avoid this from happening to your files is to set up a secure password.

Good thing because there’s a specialized tool of GogoPDF called PDF protection tool. It’ll allow you to activate a password for your PDF files most conveniently. You only need to create a personalized one and provide it on the online PDF protection tool. To perform it extra securely, you can combine different letters, numbers, and symbols.

When your PDF files have been successfully encrypted, keep the password and make sure to only share it with people you know or those you’re permitting to. This way, you can limit access and use of your PDF files moving forward. Therefore, your PDF files are now safe with the help of the GogoPDF online protection tool.

4. Signing on PDF Files

Adding a signature to PDF files is an essential element for the document’s authenticity, validity, and credibility. However, for those people using electronic PDF files, it’ll be infeasible to sign them. You’re lucky because GogoPDF offers you its PDF design tool completely free.

With this tool’s help, you don’t need to use any pen to sign a document. Since PDFs are electronic, you only have to sign them digitally. You can use the laptop’s touchpad or the computer mouse to input your signature. If you’re not comfortable doing this manually, you can choose the second option.

If you have an image form of your signature, you can use it. It could be in PNG, JPG, or any other file format available. You can additionally get a photo of your signature using your smartphone or a digital camera.

Then, upload it on the design tool of GogoPDF, and the system will save the signature you provided right away. There you have it! You’ve successfully signed your PDF files.

5. Takeaway | GogoPDF Online Tools

It’s not as easy as it seems to manage and organize tons of electronic files in your computer drive or smartphone. You’ll surely encounter different challenges, especially if you don’t have enough knowledge to handle them properly.

However, the online tools of GogoPDF discussed above will significantly help you realize that it’s easy to deal with electronic files. As long as you have the set of necessary tools, you’re good to go. Don’t worry because GogoPDF tools are always available online to assist you with your electronic files whenever you need them.