Video marketing draws consumer attention through social media. Videos make a business more enjoyable. Furthermore, they help create a good relationship with customers. A creative Online Video Maker helps make brands money because of this trend.

You can see the considerable influence of video engagement from these figures. According to, 72% of web traffic was redirected to videos. Meanwhile, 50% of advertisers started moving investments from television to digital ads. Hence, many online entrepreneurs switched to video advertising.

This allows them to seek out a bigger audience through affordable video marketing. Short videos help promote brands, merchandise, and services.

1. Next ‘Big’ Thing

Video marketing can help startups and small businesses to learn more about what you can offer. A professional video maker will help you create engaging ads to reach potential customers. Therefore, it is becoming more and more crucial for marketing.

They call the next ‘Big’ thing because it has become an essential part of modern-day advertising. Many people are spending hours watching video content on any social media platform. This is why YouTube remains on top in terms of content production. Other popular platforms also have video content such as Facebook, Twitter, or Twitch.

More and more new video platforms have been added since 2016. This led to opportunities to include additional services. These may include equipment rentals and editing.

This affordable process connects content creators with editors. Thus, expect more tools to be the next big things in the future. These include modern live-streaming apps, virtual reality (VR), and more video platforms.

2. The Use of Holograms

Hologram videos open other options on the internet. Holograms are 3D images produced by magnifying photographs. Using this technology can deliver a unique viewing experience. But this tech is still in its infancy.

Still, these new videos can be the next big thing in electronic commerce. It has the potential to impact purchasing habits in the digital sector. Those videos can quickly get the attention of online shoppers. Holograms connect to various scientific films and customized ads. Many companies have already taken an interest in applying this technology.

An example is Musion, who has used hologram videos on YouTube. This firm has been recognized as the world leader in the following:

  • Production
  • Development
  • Marketing
  • Broadcast of realistic, interactive (3D), and holographic, life-sized videos

The most recent Musion video has already earned over 15 million views. And this was accomplished in only 48 hours. One can assume this will only improve further.

3. New Mode of Video Viewing

Online video makers contributed to a new approach in video viewing. Watching videos on different devices became popular. This is thanks to smart apps and mobile gadgets. More and more users prefer this method.

In the past, people watched videos only through TV. There were no other prominent visual media during those years. Films were rarely used, except for product placement.

On the other hand, people today like to use mobile phones or tablets. Television networks now access the online video vehicle because of two things:

  • Worldwide Internet
  • Modern facilities, techniques, and technologies.

At present, apps development went up due to the increase in video viewing.

Since then, mobile devices have become part of modern lifestyle. Hence, advertisers concentrate on video content. These clips stimulate their emotions, and satisfied viewers tend to share said videos. Often, this would be shared with their social media friends and followers.

Unlike newspapers and television, one can create many versions of a video. This is less expensive, and it has a broader reach.

On the other hand, YouTube and Facebook stand as the most powerful web platforms. Both social media sites compete with each other in the video marketing race.

Facebook has targeted YouTube to cut across the forum in this rivalry. This includes Instagram, which is a subsidiary of Facebook. Yet, virtual reality content can be the next most significant trend in video advertising.

4. Videos Influence Buying Decisions

Clips that online video makers produce play a significant role in the marketing process. The majority of modern consumers prefer to learn as much as they can about a product. This begins by knowing the product before purchasing.

So how can video help convince them? Let’s take a look. Here are some points that not all consumers know. Knowing these will help to understand them.

a. Search Engines

Search engines like Google and Bing love videos. The use of video clips on websites creates interest. Thus, users can spend more time on a web page. This method helps to increase search engine rankings.

b. Cost

Video marketing turned out to be cheaper. In the past, videography used to be expensive. Today, it has become easy, fast, and economic thanks to professional online video maker tools.

c. Reach

Fewer people choose to read articles in newspapers. They prefer to watch videos on YouTube instead. Information through videos reaches viewers faster and is much more engaging.

d. Returns

Business operators also get many benefits. These consist of improvement in traffic and sales, audience engagement, and building loyalty.

Advertising videos should always meet a high standard. It has to send a clear message to viewers. Besides, the notice must directly relate to targetted consumers and sales. Therefore, it is essential to contact an experienced online video maker to support you.

5. What’s the Future of Video Marketing?

Images may be worth thousands of words. That is a fact in the marketing industry. But videos can be worth even more. These could be millions or even billions. Marketers consider videos as an essential tool in marketing to make a conversion from the target audience.

The display, motion, sound, and unique experiences generate positive responses. They can eventually turn out as customers. Finally, this is the future envisioned for video marketing. It will remain a driving force in advertising in the coming years.