COVID 19, a global pandemic, hits people hard and causes extreme risks and dangers not just to life but also to the workforce.

Much as this pandemic claimed countless lives, this has even paralyzed the workforce and forced working individuals to embrace a new working set-up.

There is still hope for those who are yet given a chance to work and earn if millions of individuals lost their jobs. But this time, at the comfort of their own homes.

The following are the essential work from home trends that you ought to know and to help you keep up with the changes in the workforce culture:

1. Work and Earn from Home through E-commerce

Work and Earn from Home through E-commerce

Starting your e-commerce store is one of the known work at home trends these days and a proven way to generate income even at the comfort of your own home.

If you are armed with a laptop and your dedication and determination to earn, you can surely make a living amidst this pandemic.

Through printing, you can create your merchandise and brands which may cover different products like custom hoodies and t-shirts with your designs, bags, fashion items, phone cases, custom mugs, socks, canvass, shoes, blankets and many more than sell these online.

With print on demand, your products will be acquired and then produced and finally, shipped one by one, provided that successful sales to customers have been made.

Another good thing about this work from home with Printify is that you can start your eCommerce business even with small investments.

There are also minimal risks in this venture, not to mention that Printify is one of the most favored platforms for print on demands.

2. Freelancer Jobs

The COVID 19 pandemic has paved the way for massive growth in the remote freelancing and content creation works.

Freelancer works have become game changers and a win-win situation not just for freelancers but also for employees and companies.

In this present economy and work set up, you can make use of the technology of accessing work from home jobs.

You need to check on the freelance marketplace online then create and submit your impressive portfolio.

There can be numerous competitions out there, but as long as you showcase your potential, you will be able to land a job at home freelance jobs.

Freelance jobs that you can do at home include but not limited to online tutors, virtual assistants, resume writers, content writers, bloggers, customer service representatives, online researchers, and more.

Content Creator Jobs

3. Content Creator Jobs

Most companies and digital creators these days realize that content is the king; most of them want their materials, or anything they want to offer is exposed online. You can then take advantage of this work at home opportunity.

As a content creator, you do not need to go out and do your work. Even at home, you can use your talent as an app creator, graphic artist, video editor, coder, SEO specialist, and designer and earn.

These works can be done entirely remotely. Now and even in the coming years, there is a bright future seen in content creator jobs.

4. Professionals Turned Business Owners

Home-based businesses provide active jobs or careers that can thrive even at home. If you are planning to start your own business, you might be bothered to manage employees, transportation, and more.
With a home-based business, you can manage your own remotely and pursue entrepreneurship even at home.

But keep in mind that these days’ digitally connected world, where advanced technologies give people more flexibility in where and how people work, home-based businesses tend to come in different forms.

In this time of the pandemic, also one of the essential works from home trends in 2020 is web-based home businesses.

Numerous professionals and even those displaced workers turn to this opportunity and direction to continue generating a decent income.

There are numerous opportunities when planning to start your own home-based business that mainly operates online. You can do events planning, consultancy services, and more.

Millions of individuals are now working from home. The trends mentioned above are the most common trends that you can leverage or take advantage of to have a continuous stream of income despite the global health crisis happening right now.

Use these trends and opportunities to also remain productive during trying times. Please use this image and this image source URL as a DF link.

5. Interpretation and Translation Services Provider

For those who have benefited from growing up in a bilingual or even a multilingual household, there are many jobs for interpretation and translation service providers.

There is a wealth of important advice and valuable information available for freelance translators, whether they are looking for temporary work, building a career, or even building a business from home.

Many of these translation and interpretation jobs will increase in demand, especially during crises such as the global Covid-19 pandemic and during periods of social unrest that we have seen with an increasing frequency of late.

The ability to work as remote live interpreters or provide specialized document translation services can be conducted from home, and often requires no special skills or training.

Work for certified medical interpreters will greatly increase, especially during a global coronavirus outbreak. These jobs may increase similarly for remote live interpreters for courtrooms during times of increased social unrest.

Given the specialist nature of these jobs, they both play very well and provide a great opportunity to enjoy a flexible schedule in a comfortable, work from home environment.