As we know it, the world is a global village where products and services are traded every second, the wristwatch industry included. As the number of reputable dealers decreases, skepticism is imminent.

Using a verified brand like Filippo Loreti as an analogy, this article seeks to alleviate the many fears of purchasing wristwatches online.

People have grown fond of wearing wristwatches. Yet, the demand-supply curve of wristwatches seems skewed for one reason or the other. According to a widespread notion, the problem here is that most people do not know where to buy from.

In addition to that, as the cost of trendy wristwatches continues to increase, these watch collectors would preferably buy from authorized dealers who, unfortunately, are few and far between. It leaves a choice – buying online.

The different perks of buying from an online watch store outwit the cons. For instance, not only is it more comfortable to swipe through a full watch collection on the seller’s website than at the physical store, but you also get numerous deals and discounts as you shop.

At Filippo Loreti, there are massive discounts on all-watch series, the type you might not find at the showroom. The Ascari Black Steel Link, Okeanos Green Steel Link, and Venice Moonphase Silver Mesh all have more than 20% discount.

Valuable Benefits Of Buying A Watch Online

Valuable Benefits Of Buying A Watch Online

1. Buy at your discretion.

There are indeed some people who prefer a second opinion at the point of purchase. But a larger number would instead be rid of that sort of pressure.

No doubt, physical watch stores may have pushy salespeople who, instead of guiding your purchase, might promote one watch better than the other one (for personal reasons), forcing you to buy a less befitting look.

When you shop at Filippo Loreti’s online website, you can indulge in the full range of watches and select without pressure from unwanted guests. This way, you will purchase a look you need, not want.

2. Easy refunds of watches

Let’s face it – one of the fears of making a purchase is not returning the item when necessary. It is not so at Filippo Loreti.

If you aren’t happy with the watch’s fit or design, the 30 days return policy allows you to return the purchased item.

Besides, every watch has been described in detail with pictures and written specifications to correctly guide your purchase. What you see is what you get. Check the Ascari Deep Blue Steel Link, for example.

3. Endless varieties of watches

Premium watch designs for men and women are what Filippo Loreti represents. To meet various choices and requirements, we have curated a wide range of watches in different colors, materials, and prices with their particular features, the type you won’t find in physical watch stores. This assortment perhaps offers the highest gratification of buying watches online.

4. Save as you shop | Is It Convenient To Buy A Watch Online

Online shopping allows you to compare prices while you shop, in addition to pop-up sales and flash sales. For instance, Filippo Loreti’s ‘spin the wheel’ game offers a one-time chance to win watches, shopping vouchers, and other discounts.

More so, our watch collections have numerous deals, up to 25%, to help you save money. Also, save up to 70% with the Collector’s Offer or a 72% discount when purchasing any 2 Women’s Watches.

5. Cons Of Buying Watches Online | Is It Convenient To Buy A Watch Online

Cons Of Buying Watches Online

  • Poor quality pictures – Every watch image is of high quality, zooming in on the watch’s most intricate details.
  • ‘Sold out’ items – Since most watches are pre-ordered, you can always order your desired Filippo Loreti model to be delivered within a short period.
  • Misrepresentation of product – According to our customer reviews, ‘what you see is what you get.’
  • Complicated returns – A 30 days return policy and ten years warranty on every model. Isn’t that incredible?

When you shop at Filippo Loreti, you will understand that online purchase is a sweet relief. While you can rely on our customer reviews to guide your purchase, we have also gone the extra mile to display watches from different angles to give a better perspective of your selections.