Most of the businesses that have seen some success began early with their unique ideas. Since they ventured into unexplored sectors of the market, they enjoyed a lesser competition and added opportunities to test out combinations of varying business models. Uber’s online taxi business was one such innovation in the travel and transport industry, which was already a skyrocketing market in the traditional arena too.

Uber was one of the firsts to introduce the concept of peer-to-peer sharing in the travel industry. It was first to offer an online alternative to traditional door-to-door connectivity. Different statistics prove that it is one of the most successful global startups and valued companies. The stats also show that online ride-sharing is one of the most profitable business ideas of the decade.

After a decade of sparkling business, the business never fails to inspire the modern-day entrepreneurs to adopt its ride-sharing model and bag as many prospects from their local markets. The innovative peer-to-peer concept, which allows Uber to operate without in-house vehicles, is probably the biggest reason why entrepreneurs find it easier to start their business. To add some icing on the cake, Uber clone scripts make it extra easier to start the business without developing a website from scratch.

Benefits of Using an Uber Clone Script

The best thing about clones is you don’t have to know how to make an app like Uber. Just purchase a script, and you can launch your ride-sharing platform without going through the hassles of development from scratch. These scripts eliminate most of the troubles for startups associated with software development:

It’s Economical

When compared to the cost of developing an Uber-like suite that includes the website and the mobile apps, Uber clone scripts are ten times inexpensive and more efficient. A full-fledged suite will comprise of at least the following solutions:

  • Website Front-End
  • Website Back-End
  • iOS mobile app for Drivers
  • iOS mobile app for customers
  • Android mobile app for Drivers
  • Android Mobile app for customers

To develop the entire suite from scratch, an entrepreneur would need to hire a team of different experts for each of the technologies. With a team of 10-15 experts, the project will take at least 6-months of research, development, testing, and optimization. Now, even if we take the hourly expense as low as $50/hour, the overall cost after 6-months will not be less than $50,000. We haven’t also considered the value of different third party APIs and other subscriptions, such as payment solutions, CDN, email tools, SMS tools, etc.

On the other hand, a decent clone comprising of a similar suite may cost only $400-$1000, depending on various add-ons and customized features. That’s fifty-times cheaper than development from scratch.

It’s Less Hectic

Since clone scripts are ready-made, you don’t have to worry about the pre-development research. The texts readily sort and implement the business model with integrated revenue channels.

Moreover, all the pre-development research is the responsibility of the script-vendors, and you don’t have to pay for it. The only research Uber clone demands from the entrepreneurs are finding a script-vendor with customer-friendly policies and well-designed scripts. Since you are already aware of the Uber’s business model and its platform, it should not be trickier for you to judge good writing based on the trials and testing.

It’s Quicker

The ready-made nature of the scripts makes them lightning fast in terms of the turnaround time. On the one hand, you need months of research, development, testing, deployment, and re-testing, to launch a ride-sharing platform while developing it from scratch.

On the other hand, you can deploy an Uber clone in a few minutes of purchasing it. Of course, we assume your chosen clone script is bug-free and has all the required features. Even if you need some customization on top, you can do it in much lesser time, as the scripts come with open-source code access.

It’s Flexible

The open-source code access makes a script flexible and adaptable to any customization. From UI changes, and database modification, to features, one can customize an open-source text without any restriction.

Moreover, you can also host your website on a supported web-server of your choice. This unlimited customizability makes a ready-made script as efficient as a similar suite developed from scratch. A good Uber script supports all sorts of third-party solutions, such as CRM, CDN, Payment Gateways, SMS tools, and Push notifications tools, etc.

No recurring cost

Once you purchase a script, you get the source code for good. Therefore, you need not pay any recurring fee to the vendors for using it. Just a one-time payment to purchase the script, and you become the sole owner of your platform. This also brings freedom from over-dependence on the vendors. You can manage your platform on your own, or hire any third-party developer to manage it for you. This is probably the most significant benefit of using an Uber clone instead of a SaaS-based solution. You get the instant benefits similar to SaaS, but you need not conciliate with the source-code and customizability.

How profitable is the ride-sharing market?

Uber hasn’t disclosed any official market-share data yet, but some credible sources claim that it accounts for over 70-72 % of the US ride-sharing market. Its biggest competitor, Lyft, shares 30% of the same. Interestingly, the corresponding figure was somewhere around 20% for the Lyft two years ago. It is a piece of clear evidence that the market is not saturated, and there is no enough space for new participants with innovative ideas. Besides, the global market is still less-explored as compared to the US. There are still various niches and exchanges, which entrepreneurs can tap on to make profits.

Considering the business performances of the startups in this arena, it’s safe to admit that ride-sharing is a profitable niche. Starting a business like Uber or Lyft is a valuable idea. Of course, it depends on the market you choose and other innovations. If you have been tracking this market and believe you can nail the online ride-sharing model, an Uber clone would be an excellent option to develop your platform. Go ahead and test out some popular scripts from the market.

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