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  1. What do you need to program an RCA remote control?
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If you have an RCA universal remote control device, and you want to program it with alternative code search methods because it does not have the code search button, you do not have to worry because we show you how to do it so you can manage your television and your DVD player and other devices with a single control.

And although it may cost you several attempts to achieve it effectively, the little time you have dedicated will be most useful for the versatility with which you will later use your control, with ease and ease. Now we show you how to program an RCA remote control.

Instructions for programming a RCA remote control

Method A:

Turn on the television. Press the power button that has the TV or device you want to program, such as a DVD player or blue-ray discs.

TV button Now press the TV button or the device to monitor what is on the RCA universal remote control, and keep it pressed for 5 seconds. Without releasing it, use your other hand to press the Power or Power button for 15 seconds. Then the light will appear on the ON-OFF button, and it will stay on. When this occurs, you can stop pressing the two buttons.

Play button. Press and release the play button until the TV turns off. If nothing happens and you do not react after five seconds of pressing on that play button, release the button and re-tighten it every five seconds, until the device turns off.

The Reverse button. Press the reverse button for two or three seconds and release it, as many times as necessary, until the television turns on. If you do not do it early, try more times, leaving a couple of seconds between each attempt.

Save the new code. If things have gone well, then you must press and release the stop button so that the newly generated code saved. This way, you will have programmed your RCA universal remote control correctly.

How to Program a RCA Remote Control

Method B

Identify your remote control. Look for the identification number of your remote control -it may be in the back-, or remove the battery cover and look for your model number, which may be of this style: RCR412S6I2712P.

For more information to know about RCA visit this link RCA Remote control. In the models section, click and search for your number. You can also type your model number in the search box in the upper right corner.

Find the code. When you have located your remote control model on the page, it will take you to the sub page of that particular model, and if you download, you will see a list of codes about all TV brands, for example, that can be used with the remote control.

Method C

Press the TV button. Press and hold the tv button on your remote control of the television, and the led or light spot will light up, keeping it that way. Do not release this button.

Type the code. Mark the code on the numeric keypad. Then the led will turn off and then turn on again after dialing the last number.

Stop pressing the TV button. If the code number is correct, after releasing the tv button, the led will flash and go off. If it detects an error, it will flash four times. If it does not detect an error, it changes the television channel and thus proves that the remote control is already working correctly.

Method D

Turn on the television. Or the device you want to program. At the same time, keep pressing the power button on the control, until the LED stays on.

The play button. Then, press the play button every five seconds until the device turns off. By doing this, a group of ten codes sent each time.

Stop button. Press and hold the stop button or stop, until the light on the control goes off. This is how the code will be saved.

Tips for programming a RCA remote control

Remember that you must carry out all the steps of each of the methods that we teach you here in order to program the remote control, and above all properly, the last step of each way of doing it, because it is as important as if not you execute it, the necessary codes will not be saved and you will go back to the starting point.

If the first attempt fails to program the command so that from it, you can direct the different commands of your TV or DVD player or Blu-ray, do not despair, and repeat the steps because, in a few minutes, you will get it.

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