Buying on the Internet is perhaps one of the most interesting and practical things that revolution 2.0 has brought us. And without a doubt, there is a proper name in everything that is online commerce, and it is none other than the almighty Amazon.

Online store sales of books and discs has evolved adding endless services that include things like delivery at secure collection points or free shipping for their premium customers.

They are some of the qualities that the service has and why it is chosen by many users for their purchases, in addition to the security it offers for payments or the facility to return any product without giving many explanations.

Now, it is not always the store with the best prices. Throughout the Internet there are hundreds of distributors, and if we add those that bring imported products, they can reach tens of thousands, who try to seduce us with the prices of their products, although the service may leave much to be desired.

Well, would not it be great to be able to enjoy Amazon services and the price of these distributors? There is a way for the distribution giant to lower the price of that product that we want to buy but that, because of the cost to which it is on its platform, makes us hear the siren songs of other offers.

1. The secret, “blow” to Amazon where is cheaper

This is the “Price Match” function , which can be translated by the “price match”. In each product of the store, if we go down to the part where its details are, we can find a section that says “Help us to improve”. This gives us a key link that is the one that interests us “Inform us of a cheaper price”.

If we click on that link, the window that you can see in the image opens, where we will be asked for some information as if we have seen the price in a physical or online store and a link or proof of this. Fill in the data and, here comes the hardest part. It will touch wait.

Normally, Amazon takes a couple of days to lower the price of the product, when it has done the pertinent checks, so we will have to be vigilant and keep in favourites the page to be aware of the price change and be able to take advantage while it lasts – given that as the weeks go by he will probably change again -.

2. How long it takes to download it, if they do

The time varies a lot in some forums where they have reported the use of this option is estimated from a range of 6h to 3 days. Some even less but it is difficult to say if it is thanks to a request or a scheduled descent.

As a tip the best thing is always to add the product to your cart and check it every so often to check the changes in the price.

3. Price tracking

There are tools on the Internet with which we can track the price. Webs like Camel offer graphs of price changes over time, being very useful to know if a product is at its historical minimum price or not.