When you buy a phone with a fast Edge screen, you realize that most screen protectors do not cover 100% of the surface of the same. Making a tempered glass screen protector with an Edge curve is not easy, but there is a firm that has achieved it.

In the forums, there has been a great discussion about the merits of using a screen protector on the Galaxy S8.

Some people swear that improvements in Gorilla Glass over the years have made screensavers very hard and need to think about why anyone would want to possibly affect the clarity or touch sensitivity of their galaxy s8 or galaxy s8 plus screen.

1. Best Screen Protector for your S8 and S8 Plus

Other scenarios, many users have had screen protectors that take the brunt of the falls or scratches, keeping your phone screen safe from damage and noting that there are small things in the bags or pockets that could scratch the screen.

2. WhiteStone Dome – Best Screen Protector for Galaxy S8

Source: Amazon.com

WhiteStone Dome – Screen Protector for Samsung Galaxy S8

The Whitestone Dome Glass screen saver was another option that made people talk on the forums. The high selling feature of this wet installation screen protector is its unique curing process, which uses ultraviolet light.

Whitestone has managed to create a perfect curved screen protector for our Galaxy S9, S8, S8 +, or S9 + but it will not be cheap. Of course, its operation is excellent and will impress you on a day to day basis.

How is the Dome Glass?

The Dome Glass is not any protector. Instead of cleaning the phone and sticking the protector, this brand goes much further, and its installation is a bit more complicated than that.

The Dome Glass is a tempered glass screen protector that sticks with a special liquid, and the pack comes with a USB lamp that is responsible for making the particular liquid attach the protector to the phone.

How is the Dome Glass placed?

In this video produced by the company, you can see how it, but after trying it we will give you a series of important recommendations.


Tips to get the Dome Glass right

  • Place the phone on a 100% level surface, to prevent the liquid from going to the sides and not covering the entire surface.
  • Once done, follow the instructions to the letter and place the mobile inside to put the liquid after having cleaned it.
  • Wait for the liquid to spread well through the protector and then use the lamp to stick (be careful and take the top of the protection where you have the phone because otherwise, it may stay stuck).
  • If you have bubbles or have not covered all the liquid well, do not use the lamp, clean everything, and try again. Otherwise, you will spoil it.

What’s the score?

The result is a tempered glass screen protector that 100% covers the phone and stays 100% stuck. It is impressive to see how the protector offers a touch very similar to that of the original screen and does not hinder at all since it covers 100% the surface of the phone as you can see in the main image of the article.

If you are looking for a quality screen protector, this is what you have been looking for months. It cost higher than other protectors, but it will be worth it. You can buy it on Amazon.

At the design level, probably the Samsung Galaxy S8 is one of the leading exponents we can find in the market, as we saw at the time of its in-depth analysis.

The Samsung Galaxy S8 has a futuristic appearance with which only a few phones can compete, thanks to its screen virtually without frames, and its curved panel on both sides.

3. Yootech – Best Screen Protector for Galaxy S8

Source: Amazon.com

Yootech Screen Protector for Samsung Galaxy S8

However, this design may cause some inconvenience for those users who have decided to acquire the latest Samsung Galaxy S8, and the fragility of the device is one of the main problems that the owners of the device must face. Therefore, after having brought some of the best cases for the terminal, today we come to help protect your screen with the best protectors available for the Samsung Galaxy S8.

In this case, and contrary to other occasions, we will not start with a tempered glass protector. Why? Very simple: because the screen of the phone is curved on both sides, the glass protectors are quite tricky to place, and it is possible that once set, if this is not of quality, the result leaves much to be desired.

For this reason, we wanted to choose Yootech screen protectors, whose opinions on Amazon are practically unbeatable, thanks to the level of protection and ease of placement of protective films. Best of all is that for a minimal price we will receive a pack of 2 protectors.

4. Yica Glass Pro Protector – Best Screen Protector for Galaxy S8

Source: Amazon.com

Yica Glass Pro Screen Protector for Samsung Galaxy S8

The Yica Glass Pro protector for the Galaxy S8 is a curved glass that promises to adapt perfectly to the device panel, to protect the entire surface.

Finally, another curved tempered glass protector with a 3D design that promises to adapt to the curved panel of the Galaxy S8 completely. In this case, also, it will be possible to choose between three different variants: one transparent, one with black edges, and finally, one with blue sides.

5. i-Blason – Best Screen Protector for Galaxy S8

Source: Amazon.com

i-Blason Screen Protector for Samsung Galaxy S8

The new tempered glass screen protector from i-Blason offers coverage complete for the curved screen of your Galaxy S8 + Plus. Easy to install, this protective shield offers a high-quality defense against scratches, dents, and cracks without interfering with function or screen tactile.

Please note: this item must be installed correctly to ensure the functionality of the touch screen.

Installation instructions:

  1.    Wipe the surface of the Galaxy S8 + Plus screen and clean
  2.    Precisely align the screen protector cutouts with the corresponding phone functions
  3. Once settled, apply a bit force to the center of the device by moving vertically up and down
  4. pushing out the edges, apply pressure from the middle towards the left of the screen (repeat on the right side)

6. Spigen NeoFlex – Best Screen Protector for Samsung Galaxy S8

Source: Amazon.com

Spigen NeoFlex Screen Protector for Samsung Galaxy S8

Spigen is ideal for the Galaxy S8, so it makes sense that they also offer a screen protector that is compatible with the covers for Samsung galaxy s8 plus.

This recommendation came from the CA community, and if it’s okay to settle for a film screen saver with a wet installation, you should be happy to leave just $ 8 for a pack of two.

Because it is a flexible film, NeoFlex can offer full protection for your screen without affecting the tactile responsiveness. Along with a case, your Galaxy S8 should be protected against drops and also save it from scratches on its beautiful screen.

7. Ringke Invisible Defender Full Coverage Screen Samsung s8 edge protector

Source: Ebay.com

Ringke Invisible Defender Full Coverage Screen Samsung s8 edge protector

Ringke makes some quality accessories, and its screen protector for the Galaxy S8 stands out from the rest because of the wings that wrap around the sides of your phone. Recommended by Sdot312 in the comments, there are some advantages to this unique style of the screen saver.

As the film wraps around the edges, it has the button cutouts to help you achieve the perfect fit, giving you the total protection you want and, at the same time, helps prevent edges from peeling off with a sleeve installed as well.

These screen protectors are made of crystalline urethane material and can be yours for only $ 10. This includes all you need for a clean installation, along with an extra screen protector in case you have your first hit on your S8plus and need to be replaced.

You can also get a two-pack for the Galaxy S8 + if you are using the larger device.

8. Armorsuit MilitaryShield Galaxy S8 Screen Protector

Source: Amazon.com

Armorsuit MilitaryShield Galaxy S8 Screen Protector

Made with a durable military-grade film, Armorsuit MilitaryShield is a slim screen protector that has edge-to-edge protection. It needs a wet installation, with all the necessary tools and wipes included in the box.

Armorsuit claims that this protector is practically scratch-resistant, with self-healing technology that will help eliminate any minor scratches from the keys or pocket sand.

As with most wet installation screen protectors, you should let this dry and dry for a time period of 12 hours to make sure proper adhesion and obtain a clean and pleasant fit. Try putting it in time too soon, and you will have problems at the edges.

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