You’ve read the reviews. Your budget is ready. But where can you buy the car you’ve been eyeing for quite some time?

You’ve made it a habit to scrounge through various online sources to get updates of that specific model’s arrival in the United Arab Emirates, and yet there’s still no definitive word on whether local car dealers are going to bring the car in for mass distribution.

You’re close to giving. But there may yet be hope for you – imported cars for sale from UAE’s most trusted dealers.

1. Weighing your options

You could have sworn that you saw your dream car on a UAE road. Or was it an illusion?

It happens: major car dealers do not bring in some of their latest models. In the UAE, there are a few options you can explore from if you want to get your hands on your dream car.

First, you can buy the car you are eyeing to have directly from Japan, Europe, or the United States. In some cases, the actual price of a vehicle is considerably lower compared to buying a grey import or from a trusted dealer like AUTOTRUST.

However, you should be aware of some of the hassles involved. Chief of these is the processes and paperwork involved. Because you are buying and importing the vehicle, you will be the one handling everything, including inspections, repairs, and filing the necessary documents.

Additionally, importing a vehicle by yourself which may not be in the best condition and can cost a small fortune to repair. There are websites that you can check to get some background information on a specific car. However, these websites do not offer a full history of vehicles, including flood and hail damage.

Also, if a warranty still covers the car in its country of origin, that same warranty may not be recognized by the local dealership.

You also have to watch out for shoddy work done on the car, especially if it is originally a right-hand-drive car. The job done on the wirings, pedal boxes, and steering systems may not be up to par.

Another option you can choose from is buying from the grey market. There are some individuals that bring in new and older models from foreign markets. Individuals can bring in cars from abroad and sell these in the UAE for profit.

But due to the changes in domestic rules, the number of vehicles that individuals can bring in is limited. Plus, you’ll likely face the same drawbacks associated with importing by yourself.

Your best recourse then, if you are planning on buying imported cars for sale in the UAE, is to find a reputable dealer specializing in these types of vehicles. That gives you the assurance that the vehicle you are getting is in pristine condition, has been subjected to stringent testing, and carries a warranty.

2. A few crucial points to ponder on

Before you commit to buying an imported car, there are a few essential things that you need to be aware of.

The UAE weather and climate

This specifically applies to most Japanese cars. Compared to Japan, the UAE has harsher conditions, which can be tough for Japanese vehicles.

This does not mean that you should dash your hopes of owning a Japanese vehicle. However, you must make sure that the car that you’re planning to buy can run optimally in the UAE.

Specifically, the car should have:

  • Rust-proofing formulated for the UAE’s weather.
  • Radiator capacity for harsh weather conditions
  • AC system for hot weather
  • Filtration system effective against dust and sand

If you insist on buying a car that does not possess any of these attributes, chances are that it will have a short lifespan, and you may end up paying a substantial amount of money toward parts and service.

3. Salvaged cars

When you are investing a sizeable amount of money, you have to perform due diligence, especially in terms of finding a seller.

There are instances that have been reported where cars imported from Japan and the United States were marketed as good condition vehicles. But the truth is that these have been salvaged in their native markets and contain defects that may not be readily apparent.

4. Availability of spare parts

Should your car break down due to normal wear and tear, or if you figure in an accident, then you will need to replace the parts that have been damaged.

Spare parts for imported cars may not be readily available in the UAE. And, generally speaking, spare parts for imported cars cost more compared to GCC cars. check it out best BF Goodrich products for vehicles.

It is also worth noting that if you buy a high-end car, it will need to be serviced by a mechanic who is experienced and well-versed in dealing with complex automotive systems.

There’s a unique sense of pride in owning a vehicle that is not readily available in the area where you live. But before you make a final decision, you have to make sure that you have carefully studied all potential stumbling blocks. You also need to ensure you purchase vehicles only from reliable, trusted, and experienced multi-brand car retailers to ensure a smooth buying process.

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