Microsoft is known to provide its users with simplicity. When Bill Gates started this company, he wanted to make a processor so reliable and easy to use that even a 10-year-old could benefit from the advancement of technology.

After years of hard work and multiple operating systems launched by Microsoft, Windows 10 operating system is undoubtedly the most powerful processor that Microsoft has to offer.

The user interface of Windows 10 is very easy to use; everything is on your desktop, ready to use. But if you want to customize your Windows experience, you will have to dig a little further.

It doesn’t matter if you are from an engineering background or not; there are always tips and tricks to every operating system which you need to learn from the outside.

It is a world of customization; every person is more inclined to buy that product, which represents him more and connects him to his roots perfectly.

So, to ensure that your Windows 10 operating system is customized and you are taking full advantage of all of its operations, we have the following guide for you:

1. Download Windows 10

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a) Get Windows 10 App:

Not all the devices support Windows 10, so when your PC is ready for a higher operating system, it will show a “get Windows 10” sign on your toolbar. Click on the application to reserve a Windows 10 copy for your computer.

b) Installation:

Once you have reserved a Windows 10 copy for your PC, you are now ready to download the Windows 10 operating system from the Windows update. This will be downloaded over your older version of the Windows operating system so your files will not be affected.

2. Customize Windows 10

Customize Windows 10

Windows 10 user interface changed according to a user’s style. Below are some of the customization available in windows 10 operating system:

a) Customized Keyboard Shortcut:

No need to remember the traditional keyboard shortcuts. You can now create your keyboard shortcuts.

b) Change Windows 10 into Windows 7:

Change is never too easy if you still like the Windows 7 look but want the power of Windows 10. In that matter, all you have to do is change the display settings to a Windows 7 look in Windows 10.

c) Create Your Theme:

Windows 10 offers more than 50 themes for your PC, but if you are bored of all the choices given, you can create your own.

d) Add URL Shortcuts:

If you use one particular website very often, you can pin the URL of your favorite site on the task toolbar and access it with ease.

3. Cortana Features:

Voice search optimization has made using PCs very simple. Today, all you want to do is press a button and command a task, and it will be completed in no time. Here are some of the unique features that Cortana, the voice recognition software in Windows 10, has to offer:

a) Send Email:

Sending emails can be very tricky; the right grammar has to be used, and the correct address needs to be typed. You can free yourself from all these responsibilities with Cortana sending your emails.

b) Change Language:

If you aren’t comfortable with Cortana’s current voice and language, you can change it and enjoy the voice assistance to its fullest.

c) Reminders and Notes:

Cortana makes sure you reach everywhere on time; it can send reminders and schedule your meetings and social events according to your Google calendar.

All the operating systems are made to make our PC faster, but there are always some bugs that take a lot of our time and decrease the user interface. But with Windows 10’s extremely fast processor and useful features, using PCs has become a lot simpler and much more fun.

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