1. While you are conducting your menial operations, how much emphasis you render on building an excellent reputation for a start-up in France?

Hardly little, just as many other businesses that fail to understand the worth to have an excellent and clean brand reputation. It is more accurate in start-ups and small businesses. They consider it as a secondary business matter. All that worries them is sales, marketing, revenue, and customer experience. The irony is that all of them are directly depending on your business reputation.

If data is to be believed, around 73% of consumers are impressed with the positive reviews about a company and end up buying from it. So, if you also want to have an excellent start for your start-up in France, start paying due attention to having a unique business reputation.

There are multiple ways to receive a hold of this. Posting positive testimonials, having excellent customer support, and getting real-time feedback is the name of a few most useful ones. However, handling all of them is highly daunting by all means. One of the easiest, pocket-friendly, and result-oriented ways to have an excellent brand reputation is getting a cloud phone system.

From gathering customer feedback to detailed service deliverance analysis, this one tool can help in almost every aspect that you may need to have a polished business image.

2. Here is how it will make it happen

a) You can set-up live chat support for your business.

Most of the customers are in love with the businesses that take care of their queries first. While they are searching for your business on your website, they would prefer dropping a message in the live chat box rather than calling you and inquiring about your services. Around 44% of consumers follow this method as they get instant assistance. Setting up live chat support is a great way to have an excellent business reputation.

While you have just opened your business in France, don’t ever ignore the worth of live chat support. You can get this facility by spending few bucks. However, if you buy VoIP-based France phone number of your Paris (+33 1) based business, then you can set-up it for free as it comes with in-built integration. You can either set up a chatbot on your website or integrate the physical phone line with the website. By addressing the needs of your customers at the right time, you are on the verge of building an excellent business reputation.

3. It will gather customer feedback without any added efforts.

One of the most secure ways to produce an excellent business reputation is to post positive testimonials and customer feedback on your business website and various social media platforms. You can do it with a VoIP phone number. By using it, you can add the survey links directly in the email, SMS, or live chat sessions, and ask for feedback. For better call handling, you can set up a second phone line.

While you are creating feedback surveys, make sure you are covering key points like service deliverance, product quality, and personal experience with the product/service. You can pump-up the reliability of these surveys by adding a toll-free number. In case you are looking for a call back from customers.

As toll-free numbers are free from call incurring charges, your customers won’t hesitate to make a call and register their feedback. You can also add some customer locality for each request back made to encourage customers. All of this will happen for each customer automatically once you commanded the VoIP business phone number for the same.

4. Get a unique business number.

How likely your customer can recognize, remember, and recall you when the need arises?

We are living in a world where the competition is brutal. Your customers have ample options for single products and services. In that case, you need to try hard to get an excellent market presence. Getting a significant VoIP phone number is the right way. It could be a unique numeric sequence that is easy to remember and recall for customers. If they are toll-free, it’ll be the best way to get into the public’s eye and mind.

5. Operate like a local

Your France business may be an international business expansion for you, but you need to work and operate as a local business because customers are in love with local businesses. People are more likely to trust a local business more than the international one. They are comfortable in buying services/products from locally available businesses, as it sounds safe and secure to them. While you aim high business reputation, don’t forget to gain a local presence.

If you haven’t got a physical office in France yet, then it’s better to buy a local phone number
, at least. By getting a VoIP-based local France phone number of any leading cities like Anger (+33 2), you can reduce your calling cost, set your customers free from international calling expenses, and have a local presence.

Building an excellent business reputation is something that you can’t overlook. So, get an online phone number and get hold of it without spending much money and effort.

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