The entire world is trying to come to terms with this new reality of COVID-19. The economy is a bloodbath, and everyone is dealing with financial crunches. With a general sense of uncertainty and companies grappling with economic slowdown and setbacks, businesses must develop creative ways to overcome this ordeal.

The importance of Content marketing has never been more. It is the most timeless technique, which is used by 91% of organizations worldwide for marketing. It involves creating and spreading relevant and steady content to retain and engage a niche audience and drive profits focusing on long term results.

Content Marketing can take various forms – videos, images, podcasts, white papers, etc. which do not explicitly promote a business and attract inbound traffic by engagement.

Let’s discuss why content marketing is essential in the time of COVID-19 –

1. Helps build brand awareness

Helps build brand awareness

In COVID-19, brand awareness has become of the utmost importance as it incurs no to minimum cost. This low budget methodology helps bring in new and targeted audiences via positive word of mouth. The right content can even bring in an audience that never knew about your business and its uniqueness.

Focus on increasing “dwell time” – the amount of time spent on a website – by regularly posting new and useful information to keep the audience hooked. Ensure the content you publish tells a relatable story about your brand and what you aim to achieve. High-quality content increases the value of your site and gives the customer a reason to return.

Boosts Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategies

Boosts Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategies

SEO is the umbrella term covering various strategies used for improving your website’s ranking in search engine results for keywords related to your business. The higher you boost your order, the more traffic from people searching for the services you offer.

More than 91% of sales occur from top-ranking Google search websites, which boosts your ongoing content development strategy. You can also use websites that provide organic SEO and link building services like ViralChilly. Having their expertise at your disposal may increase your panache in the SEO market.

Having your business rank highly in search engines will give a pump to your brand and drive sales.

2. Generates new leads for your business

Generates new leads for your business

With 72% of businesses reporting that Content Marketing helped them generate new leads, this tactic can be used to make sure your business doesn’t go under during COVID-19.

Lead Generation is the most critical aspect of Content Marketing, which helps in driving customer traffic. A company always requires new leads to generate revenue and keep it afloat.

Content marketing helps a business be discovered by users who are searching for similar products on the internet. Using different strategies to draw in a customer and make sure that an engagement or purchase happens at the end is the fundamental idea.

Helps in building an effective marketing funnel

Helps in building an effective marketing funnel

Marketing Funnel is an outline for each phase of the buyer’s journey. Breaking down each stage in usable marketing strategies –

  • Awareness:
    Facebook ads, landing page, infographics, content marketing
  • Interest:
    Social media, informational blog posts, contests, polls
  • Decision:
    Emails, testimonials, reviews, questionnaires, surveys
  • Action: Exclusive offers, discounts, coupon codes

To increase brand loyalty, a successful content marketing campaign strategy would utilize each step of the funnel to ensure maximum conversions in the end. This would ensure that even during a pandemic, the business is performing well and flourishing.

3. Content marketing is the baseline of all other digital marketing strategies

Any digital marketing strategy that you pick up for your business finds its base in unique and relevant content. This strategy will be evergreen and will ensure that customers continue to invest their time in your journey.

Focusing on the right approach can expand its reach to attract more customers with no geographical or other boundaries. It also helps in bringing in a more qualified and niche audience pertinent to your expertise.

With the pandemic bankrupting businesses left right and center, having the right strategy will help a business soar above these difficulties. Content Marketing may be the deciding factor between the success and failure of a business.

Keeping your brand focused and proper distribution of great content will help make sure you weather these test waters and out victorious in the long run.