Did you remember the silly pranks and challenges that crashes the internet years back? If yes, then you must be informed of the stupidities that even fail the excitement. You can find various briefings on blogs like Huffpost, over the internet, saying the story of those decade-old challenges.

Today, we are reflecting on some of the old yet challenging internet pranks that today are forgotten. We hope our highlighting of the challenges will take a ride of the time machine, and if you have done anything, it can excite you.

1. Most Crazy yet Forgotten Internet Challenges:

a) Cinnamon Challenge

Cinnamon Challenge

When the internet was new to the world, limited people were prone users of it. That time a simple yet awful cinnamon challenge was attempted by people.

You can easily find many videos over YouTube as a cinnamon challenge. In this crazy act, people dump a spoonful of cinnamon powder and swallow it.

As you recognize, cinnamon is a spice that is extreme in flavor and aroma, thus can dry throat. Watching cinnamon challenges videos with stupid facial expressions of the people is fun.

b) Big Lips Kylie Jenner Challenge

This was a new trend for people to cupping their lips for a while and create a suction. It gives a swollen lip structure within a couple of minutes.

The act of challenges by firstly done by Kylie Jenner, and she made her lips look like fish and duck pout. You can scroll the Kylie Jenner Lip Challenge video on YouTube.

c) Planking

Planking Challenge

Well, a stupid act is planking. This was a significant fall for many people to get injured and even lead some to death.

In this, people used to plank and to lie over more dangerous spots and click photos or videos. Many people do that shopping mall escalators, buildings, bridges, even some tries with movie vehicles.

d) The Fire Challenge

We hope you never miss out on any internet hype, like the fire challenge. We can’t explain what kind of problem was this and why someone needs to do it. However, in this challenge, people use to pour fire or flames on themselves. You will think twice when doing so, as burning can be harmed with injuries.

e) The Hot Water Challenge

This is relatively similar to the foolish and crazy act like the fire challenge. It led many people with burns, skin rashes, redness, and more burning skin issues. The hot water challenge was uncomfortable and painful to dump the body with hot temperature water.

f) Tide Pod Challenge

Tide Pod Challenge

Woah! A challenge is similar to the act of gulping spoon of cinnamon powder. Here people use to eat laundry pods or detergents that were chemical gulping challenges long ago. However, this crazy task comes with warning and caution by the Consumer Product Safety Commission.

g) Pass Out Challenge

Another idiotic challenge that was once an internet sensation for people to enjoy. In this pass out the problem, people use to hold their breath as long as they can until they passed out.

It was also popular with other names such as Knockout Challenge, Choking Game, etc. Some were taking it as a fun activity, but few even ended it with severe breathing issues.

h) A4 Waist Challenge

In this A4 Waist Challenge, people use to hold an 8.3-inch white sheet in front of the mirror to take a photo of their waist. Over the facts, this challenge was first started in China, then became an internet sensation to slam people with lazy schedules, unhealthy habits, and more. It was a fantastic waist challenge for people to adopt a healthy lifestyle and food habits.

i) The Gallon Challenge

The Gallon Challenge

This seems to be simple but still was tricky to complete. While hooking up for this gallon challenge, people were forced to drink the whole gallon of milk (around 4 liters).

For some people, it was a playful act for teens and students to enjoy. But in reality, that was a task to drink one-gallon milk. It even pulls off many in the mid, with stomach full, and few with lactose intolerance.

j) The Eraser Challenge

Nobody can imagine of getting hurt with pencil eraser ever, and how it can be an internet challenge. Indeed it was a trendy challenge for many people. In this task, participants were asked to rub eraser against their skin while reciting any English alphabet.

This seems to be easy but was hurting the challenge. Many videos with the problem are available on Youtube, and it took place in the year 2012. There are thousands of people who tried this eraser challenge.